3 Free Writing Exercises that Relate to Sounds and Music – Jacki Kellum

On my site blog to memoir, I recently added 3 exercises that have to do with our memories that are sparked by sound. During each day of October, I’ll post a writing exercise that will help writers to begin to tap into their memories to find the raw data and other images that will infuse their writing with more vitality. Check blog to memoir every day.  Following are the links to those exercises that relate to sounds a nd music:

Jacki Kellum Free Writing Exercise 11 – Write about Silence

Some silences are poetic and meditative places for reflection, and they are an emptying of external noises.

Some silences are a withholding of love and communication and are due to insensitivity and cruelty.

Artists and writers experience silences in the form of writer’s and artist’s blocks.

blog-path12 Jacki Kellum Free Writing Exercise 12 – Write about A Song Here

Music is the shorthand of emotion. – Leo Tolstoy

Quite often, music catches me and whisks me away into an emotion or a previous part of my own history. To some extent, I agree with Dick Clark that “Music is the soundtrack of your life.”

Certainly, when I hear the song “Johnny Angel,” I think about the days when I was in 7th grade and my friends and I would squeeze into a booth at the local snack bar and put quarters into the little jukeboxes that were mounted at the ends of each booth. I was 12-years-old, and I always ordered a fried hot dog sandwich and french fries, and my meal was served in a little, red, plastic basket with stiff white paper springing out of it. I always drank a cherry coke.

Some songs have the capacity to teleport us to another time and another place. Write about a song that opens floodgates of memories for you.

“Where words fail, music speaks.’ – Hans Christian Andersen

blog-path13 Jacki Kellum Free Writing Class Exercise 13 – Write about a Movie that Brings Back Memories

Previously, we wrote about songs that spark our memories. Sounds and songs have an enormous ability to spark emotions, and that is one reason that movies make an impact on us. Movies also use visual stimuli. Writers must find a way to suffuse their words with all of this imagery. Is there a movie that you can watch today and it transports you back to your past? The Wizard of Oz is that movie for me.


Read my post about how sounds have the capacity to create meaning:

When Sometimes A Sound Simply Seems – The Language of the Birds


©Jacki Kellum October 14, 2016


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