Jacki Kellum Weekly – A Review and Links to Articles Written September 12 – 25, 2016


September 25 through October 1, 2016, is Banned Books Week. Visit jackikellum.com to find a list of the books most often banned. Here. 

Because the USA is struggling to find a president when no suitable candidates seem to be campaigning, my interest in Banned Books is particularly keen this year. When you look at the entire list of banned books, you will see that seemingly harmless books have been banned in the past. Children’s books–even children’s picture books have been banned. I cannot help but realize that this nation could easily revert to a time when we, as Americans, have fewer and fewer freedoms. We could easily lose our freedom to read.

I cannot remember a time when the options for electing a good president seemed as grim as they do in 2016. In my opinion, 2016 is a particularly good year to be thankful for the freedoms that we still enjoy, and one of those is the freedom to read–and to write.

Read more about the Freedom to Read and How it Relates to the formerly banned books 1984 and All the Kings Men at jackikellum.com Here.


Read what Stephen King says about the importance of finding a private place to write and about the need to read and write every day at jackikellum.com Here.


Too Many Books – Too Little Time.

Read the books that Mary Karr recommends that every memoir writer reads at jackikellum.com Here.


The More we Give, the More We Receive.

Visit jackikellum.com and Read about Blogging to Be More Creative.  Here.


Stephen King talks about the problems writers have with Fear, and he discusses Timid Writing at jackikellum.com  Here.

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Stephen King talks about writing with Intuition Here


Mark Twain, E.B. White, Stephen King, Mary Karr, William Zinsser, and Other Writers on Style at jackikellum.com  Here


Read about the Importance of Setting Goals at jackikellum.com Here


Read How Silences Affect Artists at jackikellum.com Here

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Free Text EBook and Audio Book for the Virginia Woolf Book Mrs. Dalloway at jackikellum.com Here


Quotes with Page Numbers from the Book Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf – List of Characters & Plot Summary Mrs. Dalloway at jackikellum.com Here

Image result for mrs. dalloway movie what a plunge

Free BBC Movie Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf – Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha McElhone at jackikellum.com Here


What is the Connection Between Walking and Journaling at jackikellum.com Here


On October 1, 2016, the free Jacki Kellum Writing Class Blog to Memoir will begin. Read about that class at jackikellum.com Here


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