This Week, I’ve Launched Several New Websites – I Feel Like I’m in A Chariot Race

This week, I have launched several new websites where I am gradually moving some of the content from some of my free WordPress blogs to full WordPress sites that are being hosted through GoDaddy. I feel like I’m in a scene from the movie Ben Hur, and I am trying to drive about 10 horses forward at break-neck speed, and it is all that I can do just to hold on.


I feel like a woman obsessed. Hopefully, things will begin to be calmer, but these past few days have been crazy. I’ll try to tell you what is going on.

As I have said several times before, I have committed myself to publishing not one, but several books and because of that, I felt the need to get serious about creating a marketing plan. Over the course of the past year and through my blog posts, I have written the content of the books, and I am ready for the next step of pulling things together and making some final edits. I am taking the blog to books approach for my books, and on one of my new website blogs, I am journaling the mechanics of the actual blog to book process. That site is Here. I just opened the site today, but I already have a few pointers there.

header-blog-memoir-janis Here

Allow me to share what I posted moments ago about the blog to book process. Hopefully, this will explain my objectives in launching all of these new websites:

“Whoever controls the media—the images—controls the culture.” – Alan Ginsberg


Lincoln spins the news—a Copperhead cartoon from 1862

Anyone in the 21st-Century who hopes to sell himself or his music or his book or his art online must embrace the reality that he must establish a well-designed marketing campaign. But the idea of establishing a platform and presenting from that platform is not unique to this century, and the reality of the importance of the media in that campaign is not new either.  Probably more than ever, however, creating a platform for marketing is crucial now–largely because of the presence of the Internet. In a very recent publication of the US Census, there is statistical evidence that the sales, as a result of e-commerce or online marketing, has steadily increased for the past ten years. Here


“The e-commerce sales for the first quarter of 2016…was $92.8 billion….”


Online Businesses Are Highly Competetive Now and At the Same Time, the Economy to Support Those Businesses Has Decreased.

The above numbers support the fact that more and more business is being done online in the 21st-Century.  It is no secret that the economy itself has become much worse during the time that there has been an increased population of online marketers. Thus, the competition to grab the brass ring of online profits has become greater and greater, and during the same period of time, the economy has become poorer. More people are struggling to claim a portion of what is actually less money. The obvious reality is that the people who survive online must strategize to do so, and the establishment of a platform is a crucial part of that  strategy.


What Is A Writer’s Platform?

  1. One of the first and most important things that a writer can do is to turn himself into a brand. Blogging helps with this, and if the writer tags his blogging posts and images correctly, it will help this happen faster and more efficiently.  Each writer needs a web home where he can be found, and his web home needs to reflect the image that he wishes to portray of himself or herself.jacki_kellum_website_header
    My personal web home and my new blog is at Here
  2. Second, the writer needs to turn each of his books into brands. On the previous post, I suggested that before you begin to blog your book, you need to title it and to buy a domain that will be associated with each book. As soon as you begin to blog your book, you need to mention the book’s domain name and your own name each time that you post. At times, the only way to do that is to mention these things in the tags, but this will also help. Following are some of the books that I officially began blogging this week:header-paint-past Herecomputer_clever_header Here

    draw_nature_header Here

    http://www.blogtomemoir Here
  3. If you are considering self-publishing, you may want to create your own publishing house. If so, you need to do that immediately and you need to begin to Brand that, too. Nothing seems more amateur to me than to say that you [as an individual] published your own book. I have launched my own publishing company, too.logo-horizontal-1280 Here
  4. To help publicize your upcoming books or to increase interest in yourself and your book, Host a free blogging event.  Here is the Free Event that I am hosting, and I hope that all of you will find the time to participate in that! Mine Your Memories: Find Your Voice
  5. Join Every Social Media Community that You Can Manage and Share all of your posts with them.

I’ll continue adding to this list, but this should be enough to keep you busy for a week or two. Happy Blogging and Happy Writing Your Own  Book.
©jackikellumAugust 12, 2016


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2 thoughts on “This Week, I’ve Launched Several New Websites – I Feel Like I’m in A Chariot Race

  1. Enjoy your chariot ride!
    Great post. Interesting and through speaking of your own experience it is overflowing with information to assist many considering similar creative goals. Thank you. Have an excellent weekend. 🐞

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