Why Should You Create Tutorials and Share Them On Your Blog? – Teach Yourself to Fish! – Increase Your SEO!


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Ancient Proverb

I have spent the past several hours not only working through an excellent Photoshop tutorial that SOMEONE ELSE WROTE, but I copied the steps and I rewrote the tutorial. Why in the world would a busy person do that? Actually, there are several reasons, and the most obvious one is that it takes that amount of effort for me to “teach myself to fish.” My brain is packed with information, and the only way that I can remember things is to write them down and to study them, as I write them. Casual reading doesn’t do the trick for me.


What is another reason that I would have REWRITTEN SOMEONE ELSE’S TUTORIAL?

As you may have read in my blog before, I am a firm believer that everyone needs to increase their visibility on the Internet, and Google is the best way to do that Here. The very best way to increase your SEO is by providing a LOT of information. For me, that means blogging A LOT! I don’t post random bits of nothingness on my blog, however, but when I encounter something that is useful for me, I suspect that at least one other person will also find it useful, and I have made a habit of sharing everything that I find useful.

Hence, the name of my blog here is Juxtapositions. It is a hodgepodge or a department store of information. Lately, I have become fascinated with the Free Massive Open Online Classes–MOOCs–that are available via several prestigious universities. When I research one of those classes and see that it is done well, I share it with other people. The same is true of Photoshop and other tutorials. In fact, by creating and sharing Photoshop tutorials, I began to build my blog’s popularity and its following. I did that a long time before I began sharing creative writing. While I don’t scavenge the Internet looking for good Photoshop tutorials to redo now, I still see value in sharing the things that are meaningful to me.

In addition to writing, I also teach art, and one of my groups of kids is currently creating a comic book.  I found a great MOOC to share with my kids, and as I decided what would benefit my kids, I shared it on my blog Here.  

This brings me to an important distinction that I want to reiterate. The fact that I want to be seen more on the Internet is NOT my reason for seeking new information to share. In other words, I don’t prowl around the Internet looking for stuff to post, but when my research uncovers something, I share it. In doing so, I better etch the information in my own mind, and hopefully, I also point other people to information that they might be able to use. Beyond that, in sharing what I am learning, I am probably increasing my SEO, too. It is a win-win situation. All of these are reasons that I would take the time to rewrite and redistribute a Photoshop tutorial that was originally created by someone else.

P.S. Be sure that you give the first guy the credit that he is due.

The original tutorial for the Bam! Poster is Here

©Jacki Kellum August 6, 2016



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