How to Set Up A Gmail Email Account and Google Chrome

In your computer’s web browser’s address bar, type the following:



On the right side of the web’s browser, click on the word “Gmail” If you already have a Gmail account, you can click “Sign in,” but this tutorial is for setting up a new Gmail account.



When you see the above screen, type the gmail address that you would like to have and click the words “Create account,” which are at the bottom.


Then, you will be taken to a screen that requests you to provide some of your personal information. Then click the words “Next step,” which are at the bottom right of that page.


Once you have filled in the above blanks and clicked the words “Next step,” you must click to accept the privacy terms. You will not be able to click on the accept bar until you scroll to the bottom of that screen and the button turns blue:


You will see the following screen:


On the upper right corner, you will see something like this:


To set up Google Chrome, click on the grid of dots on the upper right of your screen. It is beneath the address bar.


You will see the Apps that are already loaded and you will be able to add more here.


At the bottom of the above screen, click on the word “More,” and you will see all of the apps that you can load through Google. Click on “Google Chrome.”



©Jacki Kellum July 29, 2016







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