How to Use PowToons for Teaching and Other Presentations – Powerpoint is Boring!

A couple of days ago, I literally stumbled into the free animation program PowToon. First, I’ll show you a quick video that would be great for an English teacher to use in her classroom.

I feel sure that everyone teaching today has noticed that kids are more restless than they once were. Kids are accustomed to continuous technology. Almost every kid has a cell phone [with YouTube capability]. Many also have Ipads, which are very little shy of being full-blown computers. Most kids also have HUGE-screened televisions in their homes, and those are complete with theater sound systems.

Every kid also has several gaming systems, too, and also they have computers. Most kids multi-task and operate several of these gadgets simultaneously. I am not condoning this. I am merely calling it as I see it; and these are the kids who are filling the 21st-Century classrooms–the ones that teachers are expected to entertain. PowToon is a way to step up your presentation game–whether you are a teacher or simply someone who teaches Sunday School, runs Board Meetings or hosts any number of other programs.


Powtoons is comparable to a Powerpoint program that is on steroids. The above photo shows that for the video above, I had several slides. They are fully editable. You control the animation with the bar beneath the working window.

©Jacki Kellum July 27, 2015

In the following video, PowToon discusses how PowToon is and is not like Powerpoint.




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