How to Set Up A WordPress Blog Step 1


The First Steps for Setting Up A WordPress Site Are  Simple!

The WordPress Sign Up Form Begins Here

I. When you see the following screen, click on the type of blog that you want to begin. I selected Writing & Books


II. Select Which Kind of Writing & Books Site That You Want [the choices will range, according to what you selected before]. I selected Author Site


III. Select a Theme. You can change themes later. I selected Hemingway Rewritten


IV. Type Your Title All One Word. Then, Select Free on the Following Screen


V. When you see the word “Continue,” Click That


Initially, your new blog will look like the following, but we don’t want the title to be all one word now.


VI. Click on the words “My Sites” – in the Upper Left Corner1-8

VII. From the Drop Down Menu, Click on the word “Customize”


VIII. Now, click on the words “Site Identity.”


Initially, you will see your site title as all one word


IX. Drag- Select the text and re-type the title.


X. On the Upper Left Corner, Click on the Words, “Save & Publish” and Wait a Few Seconds


XI. When the Changes are Saved, Click on the “X”1-11d


You Have A New Blog!

Watch for My Next Post. I’ll Show You How to Create Your First Post

©Jacki Kellum July 23, 2016


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