How to Participate in the Free WordPress Daily Prompt


i often write that starting a blog is one of the best business decisions that a writer can make. Today, I want to tell of another reason to blog. Blogging is the best way that I know to begin a writing habit. Once I have begun to write, writing is easy for me. But I can procrastinate with the best of the procrastinators. To keep myself on task, I respond almost daily to the WordPress Daily Prompt Here.


When you go to the site of the Daily Prompt, the most recent prompt will be at the top of the line. Today’s prompt was Punishment. My post for that prompt is Here.

Join me as I show you, step by step, how I participated in that WordPress Daily Prompt.


I. Click on the prompt to which you want to respond. You will see the following screen.


Look for the Fine Print at the spot where my arrow is below.



II. In the box, you will see the html code that you need to copy to your blog post page.


Drag-Select the code and select Copy

III. Go to your posting window and select the tab that says HTML. Paste the code in the window.




IV. Click on the tab that says Visual and you will see that the Hyperlinked text is in your posting window.


V. Write your post above the Hyperlinked prompt


VI. Publish Your Prompt

VII. Scroll to the bottom of our published post, and you will see your Hyperlinked Prompt.

It is not necessary for you to hyperlink your site to the Daily Prompt site, but when you do, all of the other people who wrote about this prompt will see your post. That is a way to attract interest to your writing.

©Jacki Kellum July 24, 2016





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