The Opportunities for Free Learning from Universities Are A Feast

I recently complete a free course from the University of Reading. The title of the course is: History of Royal Food and Feasting – The University of Reading – Completed July 2016

The kitchen in Henry VIII’s Estate at Hampton Court

That course was a Feast in every way imaginable. Through video feeds, the students are allowed into the kitchens of some very famous palaces and they are allowed to watch chefs, dressed in period clothing, as they prepare dishes that were actually prepared when royalty lived there.


You can see all of the videos from the lesson on the eating customs and meals during Tudor England Here.

You can register for this course Here The class is still ongoing. I loved it so very much that I completed the entire 6 weeks in one weekend. While most of the classes that I take require a lot of thought and work, this class was a feast.

I am currently taking a free course about Laura Ingalls Wilder from Missouri State. I have shared numerous lessons from that course before, and you can find them by searching my blog for “Laura Ingalls Wilder.” This course is thorough and something that you would normally expect to pay several thousands to attend at a university.

[You can still register for Missouri State’s course Laura Ingalls Wilder Here.]


Yesterday, I began a class in academic writing that is offered through Duke University, and that course is also thorough and one that would otherwise be quite expensive.

For my first exercise in this course, I prepared a timeline and wrote a very brief overview of my writing career.WRITER-INTERRUPTED

You can see what I wrote Here.

You can register for this free course from Duke Here.


I am taking another writing class from Ohio State University. The purpose of this course is to help people write more persuasively.

You can register for the free course in rhetorical writing Here.

Yesterday, I began a course studying the poetry and songs of 18th-century bard Robert Burns. That course is being offered through the University of Glasgow.

You can register for the free Robert Burns class Here.

I love to learn, and I especially love to learn from people who are authorities in their fields of study. I cannot encourage you enough to participate in some of the MANY free courses that are available online through MANY distinguished universities. As I said before, this free opportunity is a feast–a smorgasbord of delicious desserts–a banquet of rich treats. And this costs nothing at all.

I have added a new page to my menu. On this page, I’ll keep a running list of the courses that I am involved in taking at the time and/ or that I have completed.

©Jacki Kellum July 19, 201



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