Frailty, Thy Name Is NOT Woman


I feel sorry for the poor boys who may have fallen for Shakespeare’s famous line: “Frailty, Thy name is woman.” In my experience, women are anything but frail, and the fairer sex can be anything but fair. In fact, in my opinion, women can be cold, conniving, calculating, and mean; and one of a woman’s greatest strengths is her ability to beguile the “weaker” sex and to delude men into thinking that she is frail. In my opinion, an evil woman’s ability to be beguilingly deceitful is simply one of the strongest devices that she holds in her wicked bag of tricks.

I always say that womankind showed her hand in the Garden of Eden. Some may believe that Eve bit the apple because she was weak, but I don’t believe that Eve was weak. I simply believe that she was bad, and like many other bad women, she thought that she could get away with doing whatever she wanted. No doubt, Eve believed that if she wore an innocent face, no one would figure her out.[Check out Eve’s seemingly sweet face in the above painting–and while you are at it, don’t miss the ears that the artist has painted on the snake.]

Even though I am very much a female, I have always said that males are generally less dangerous than women. Men can disagree and move one. They can even punch each other in the face and then, get back up, dust themselves off, and be friends again. Women aren’t like that. They are petty and catty. When they are wronged, women hold grudges, and even worse, they begin to exact their revenge.

Because of Eve’s deceit, all were punished, and the Garden of Bliss was destroyed for everyone. Since that time, people have not lived happily ever after.

In my opinion, God could have made Adam and John or Eve and Diana, but he did not. God created two people, and he created them of different  sexes. I do not believe that this was an oversight. From the very beginning, two very different types of people began to inhabit the world. Some of those people were male and some were female, and the two beings have different strengths and weaknesses. But please don’t believe that because Woman is sensual and seems to be soft that she is weak. Woman’s seeming softness is one of her greatest strengths, and until Man figures that out, HE will be the weaker of the sexes.

Frailty, Thy Name is NOT Woman!

©Jacki Kellum July 18, 2016



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