Before She Wrote the Little House on the Prairie Books, Laura Ingalls Wilder Recorded Her Childhood Memories in Pioneer Girl, Which Was Rejected

Several times, I have shared the fact that I am currently studying the life and writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Because I would also like to eventually write novels, I felt that I needed to know as much as possible about how the Little House books evolved. Because I am a bit afraid that publishers might ultimately reject my work, I was also heartened to have learned that Wilder’s preliminary book Pioneer Girl was vehemently rejected, but that did not prevent Wilder from trying again.

Try, Try, Try Again!

Wilder wrote the manuscript for Pioneer Girl when she was 63-years-old. A publisher not only rejected the book, but he also told Wilder that she had no future in writing for children. Now, we realize that the publisher was absolutely wrong. I also find it both fascinating and encouraging that Wilder sprang back from the rejection of that first manuscript and wrote nine more books that became huge successes. Wilder’s first Little House book was published when she was 65-years-old. Wilder defied the odds and continued to successfully write and publish when most people her age, especially in light of her initial rejection, would have retired.


In the following videos, Pamela Smith Hill discusses Wilder’s first manuscript for Pioneer Girl and how Wilder overcame her initial rejection and flourished.





[You can still register for Hill’s course Laura Ingalls Wilder Here.]


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