Poetry Publishers That Pay Money for Emerging Poets

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One of life’s greatest farces in employment is that when you have experience, you are desirable and when you are not, you are hardly noticeable at all. Things are no different in the publishing industry. It is much easier for published authors and poets to get their works published than for those who have never been published.

I teach a Memoir Writing  class, and one of my students has become an incredible free verse poet. She literally writes her memoir pieces in verse. Today, I told her that I want her to submit some of her poetry for publication, and she thought that I meant that I wanted her to send her poems to Reader’s Digest. That is not what I meant at all.Her writing is more than a simple set of lyrics. Her work is good. When I came home from the class I determined that I would research the markets that might be interested in her poetry.

poetry-publish0By typing the words “best markets to submit poetry for publication,” I began my quest. I decided that I wanted my student to be paid for her work, and I selected the second entry and found myself Here.

I discovered that the searcher can narrow his query, according to his level of experience.


I selected “Emerging Poet” and said,”No,” to the questions about whether the  poet had been published before and “no” to whether she currently had any work under consideration for publication.by other markets, and the results were as follows:


Dual Coast Magazine cover “Dual Coast Magazine is a new biannual published by Prolific Press Inc. With high acceptance rates (and token payments), the magazine is an approachable market for hobby writers seeking their first publication.”

Read more about submitting poetry to Dual Magazine Coast Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/dual-coast-magazine

Emerge Literary Journal cover Emerge Literary Journal


Read more about submitting poetry to Emerge Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/emerge-literary-journal

Hanging Loose cover  Hanging Loose is a publication from Brooklyn, NY, and it is geared toward emerging writers.

Read more about submitting poetry to Hanging Loose Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/hanging-loose

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet cover “Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet is a zine of speculative and slipstream writing. The Massachusetts-based biannual publishes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction alongside monochrome art.”

Read more about submitting poetry to Lady Churchill Here:  http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/lady-churchill-s-rosebud-wristlet

Poetry Quarterly coverPoetry Quarterly allows contributors to submit up to 5 poems per month with each poem counting as a single submission. Pays contributors with token cash (PayPal), a one-year archive subscription, free entry into the Rebecca Lard award contest, or a book discount coupon (author’s choice). Writers retain full rights.”

Read more about submitting poetry to Poetry Quarterly Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/poetry-quarterly

Prairie Fire cover Prairie Fire is a Candian publication, but it accepts writing from people internationally.


Read more about submitting poetry to Prairie Fire Here:  http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/vine-leaves-literary-journal

Rattle cover  Rattle “Publishing exclusively from the slush pile, Rattle aims to showcase excellent poets from all walks of life—including children—regardless of their résumé. Indeed, the accessible, highly readable quarterly, which appears in print, digital and audio formats, presents first-time published poets alongside Pulitzer prize winners and U.S. Poets Laureates.

“Pays $50 for First Serial Rights; all other rights revert to author upon publication. “We don’t ask for or publish the standard credit-listing bios; we don’t even read them. If we like your poem better than the Poet Laureate’s, we’ll publish yours. That’s what makes Rattle so readable.” Circulation 5,400.”

Read more about submitting poetry to Rattle Here:  http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/rattle

THEMA cover “THEMA aims to stimulate writers’ creativity by suggesting specific and often quirky themes. The Louisiana triannual publishes stories, poems, and essays alongside photography and art, always on a specific topic. The journal encourages submissions from emerging writers.”

 Vine Leaves Literary Journal coverVine Leaves Literary Journal showcases the vignette—”a snapshot in words”—in both poetry and prose formats. The magazine appears online quarterly and releases an annual print anthology.”


Read more about submitting poetry to Vine Leaves Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/vine-leaves-literary-journal

 The Stinging Fly cover “The Stinging Fly specifically seeks new writers. The Irish triannual has a particular interest in fiction, although poetry, essays and reviews appear as well. The magazine publishes theme issues, often geographical in nature.”


Read more about submitting poetry to Thema Here: http://www.poetrymarkets.com/print-publications/thema





5 thoughts on “Poetry Publishers That Pay Money for Emerging Poets

  1. Thanks for the research. I recently read some beautiful poetry that was presented online and it’s made me change my perspectives about magazine publishing. Publishing brings a validity that makes other creative people take the writing seriously. Nobody asks what I’ve written, only what I’ve published, which is a sorry state of affairs. If what I write goes into some obscure poetry magazine, who will read it? If I make a webpage, at least I can direct people there! It would be great to be taken seriously.


      1. You think that’s the saddest thing? I think if you’re paid anything it’s a blessing. Magazine’s aren’t making money. The saddest thing, in my view, is that society has such little interest in living writers and good writing.


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