I Hate Fakes – I Especially Hate It When I’m the Fake

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I Hate Fakes! There–I’ve said it! But I really don’t hate the mask-wearers. I only feel sorry for them. Most mask-wearers don’t even remember who they are.

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Oh, What A Dangerous Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive–Ourselves!

The true tragedy for the mask-wearer is that underlying their pompous pretensions, the pretenders fundamentally feel unworthy. Consider it–If we truly felt worthy, we would not pretend to be someone else.

The Fakes may be fooling you. The Greatest of Pretenders becomes very adept at his game of pretense. Great Pretenders seem to be highly polished, happy, and successful. No doubt, the Very Greatest of the Pretenders soon buy their own pretense, and that is where the true danger begins.

Not long ago, I wrote about narcissism, and I would venture to say that most narcissists are Great Pretenders who simply moved to another level of pretense–to that of Deceit.

Read about the dangers of the narcissistic pretense Here.

As I said before, most of our pretensions are rooted in a basic feeling of unworthiness. This feeling of unworthiness forces many people to become perfectionists, and because a perfectionist will do about anything to hide his imperfections, the masks get thicker.


In Japan, they fill the cracks of broken pottery with gold and marvel at the beauty of its scars.

I rather like the philosophy of the Japanese. I believe that all of us need to be more proud of our blemishes and scars. Most of our scars are the result of huge battles that we have fought, but this is the reality: If we are carrying scars around, we are still standing. We may be wounded, but we are alive. We probably won the fight.

I write at length about the dangers of perfectionism Here.

Perfectionism breeds Denial and Denial breeds Falsehood.

Regardless of one’s level of falsehood, however, the entire charade is unnecessarily exhausting. I often strive to write great truths in simple snippets of verse. Perhaps that is also a level of falsehood.


The Painted Parade
by Jacki Kellum

Watch the painted parade,
With bold and biting dragons,
Teasing all the toddlers—even me!

They’re really just pretending.
Everyday’s a New Year,
A fun and festive firework jamboree.

© Painted Parade Jacki Kellum October 19, 2015

On one level, the poem that I wrote above is part of a series of Garden Songs that I am writing and illustrating about flowers. That is the entry that I wrote for Snapdragons. My grandmother always had snapdragons in her garden, and I used to love to pinch the snapdragons and allow them to bite me. When I hear the dragon part of the word “snapdragon,” I think about the Dragon Dance in the Chinese New Year’s Parade, and that provides more of a key to understanding the simple little ditty Painted Parade.

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Here is an admission that I have never made before: The Painted Parade is REALLY about the never-ending game of pretense that we all play.

Watch the painted parade,
With bold and biting dragons,
Teasing all the toddlers—even me!

They’re really just pretending.

The New Year alludes to the fact that everyday we have the opportunity to end the charade.

The fun and festive alludes to the game that we are playing.

Artists and Writers may be the biggest fakes in the world. We hide behind our images and our words all the time. We may be the biggest cowards of all.

I Hate Fakes! I Especially Hate It When I’m the Fake!

©Jacki Kellum July 8, 2016



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