A Glimpse of Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace

Hans Holbeing, King Henry Viii, England, Great Britain

Before Henry VIII owned it, ArchbishopThomas Wolsey owned Hampton Court Palace, and he added a palatial suite for Henry VIII to visit there. When Wolsey would not grant Henry VIII a divorce from Katherine of Aragon, however, Henry VIII stripped Wolsey of his power, and Henry VIII seized Hampton Court. After that, the house and grounds were improved even more.

“Now in royal hands, Henry VIII undertook his own building works; creating one of the most modern and sophisticated palaces in England. Under Henry VIII, Hampton Court boasted tennis courts and bowling alleys, pleasure gardens and a hunting park (of more than 1,100 acres), a magnificent royal chapel and an expansive kitchen needed to feed Henry’s entourage of over 600 people, twice a day.

Hampton Court was a spectacular show of Henry’s wealth and power. The palace was a reminder to visitors, both from home and abroad, of the King’s greatness, and dining formed a key aspect of this show.” Read the full article Here

Interior, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey

Interior Hampton Court Palace

Chapel at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court, Gardens, Sophistication, Palace

Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace

Week 1: Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace



Family tree of King Henry VIII.

Photo Credit FutureLearn

I have just begun another free course at FutureLearn. This one is a History of Royal Food and Feasting. During the first week, the class studied Henry VIII and his Hampton Court Palace, where his son’s christening was celebrated with a truly royal feast.


•Elizabeth I at the Tower of London

•George I at Hampton Court Palace

•George III at Kew Palace

•Victoria at Kensington Palace.


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