Painting with Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil – Staying Open to New Art Approaches


Today, I completely drew this bee and painted it with my Ipad Pro and my Apple Pencil. I used the App Procreate.  I am 67-years-old and I have been painting and drawing for at least 60 years, but before recently, I have only been truly comfortable with the traditional media–paper, canvas, paints, inks, etc. Fortunately, however, I forced myself to learn Photoshop and Adobe Flash, and I do computer drawing with Inkscape, but Inkscape is not an artistic drawing resource. It is more of a workhorse. Inkscape is a free program that emulates some of what I could do with Illustrator. Drawing with the Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil allow me to create an entirely different type of digital art–a digital art tool that can be completely creative–that can be used to produce almost exactly what one might produce with traditional materials.


Immediately after I bought my Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil, I drew the above with the App Paper by 53. I love that App, but the color choices are limited.  The above was my very first Ipad drawing.  I began trying to use other Ipad apps, but nothing seemed intuitive to me. Because it had gotten such great reviews, I even tried to use Procreate, but Procreate is complex. I soon became discouraged and for a while, I gave up on the idea of doing art on my Ipad.

Several months later, I have picked up my Ipad and Apple Pencil again and after looking around at what other people were doing with their IPads, I  decided to work a little harder and to try to become more comfortable with Procreate. After I did more research, I decided that Procreate is definitely my best option for creating in an enormous variety of art styles. It also allows me to paint images that can be saved in large, clear files. There are even possibilities for creating videos of my work in progress on Procreate, but I have been forced to deal with the reality that mastering Procreate is going to be a tall order. Yet, I know that I can do it.

At the age of 60, I taught myself to use Photoshop and Adobe Flash. A couple of years later, I taught myself to use Inkscape. At the age of 67 now, I have decided to buckle down once more and to teach myself to use yet another device for creating digital art, but this time, I am not racing into the challenge. I can tell that I am becoming more weary about mastering new tasks–especially those that I know will be difficult.

No doubt, the Ipad Pro is a leap ahead for artists, and although I am struggling to make myself comfortable drawing and painting with plastic on a slab of slick glass, I am realizing that the extra work to learn this new medium is well worth my effort. I feel blessed that I am still able to learn new things, and I feel even more blessed that I realize the importance of remaining Open to the new worlds that seem to continuously be surfacing–especially through technology.

©Jacki Kellum June 16, 2016



5 thoughts on “Painting with Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil – Staying Open to New Art Approaches

  1. Your work on the computer truly is impressive. I have (another) friend who uses these Mac apps devices for her work in photography and graphic art. All these results are extraordinary. I can understand the issue of accepting original, even fluid art made with plastic and glass. But it looks to pay off!

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  2. Your bee is very convincing about the posibilities opening for you. Unfortunately I draw like I’m using both left feet. Have you used a Wacom or similar tablet? How does the iPad compare to that other than superior portability for the iPad?

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    1. Yes, I have had a Wacom for years, but because it was one too many steps at the time, I never really explored that avenue fully. I would venture to say that the platforms are equally good, but as usual, Apple will prevail–simply because of the number of newer and newer programs that are created to use with the IPad. I mainly bought the IPad Pro for convenience of transferring images between my computers, phone, etc., but I would like to begin making movie tutorials, and IPad Pro is another step ahead for helping to produce, edit, export, etc., for that eventuality. I just decided to bite the bullet and gamble on the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo, and I am not sorry yet. – [with over a year to pay it off still, I may alter my vote]. I bought the 128 system, and that was a pricy purchase.

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      1. I tried to find the first and only Wacom drawing that my (then 16 yo) daughter made. The Toy Soldier from the Nutcracker. It was very hard edged, unlike your bee. I think she abandoned the Wacom quickly because she didn’t know (then?) how to layer colors and shades on the tablet which was her painting style.

        No wait, I just figured out to how find it as I was laboriously typing. If you are curious I put it in DropBox.

        I’m pretty sure that the left arm was a cropping/selecting mistake, probably mine.

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