South Jersey Traffic Jam – Geese Were Crossing the Road


A couple of hours ago, I went to the garden center and as I was drawing near, the traffic slowed to a halt. Keep in mind that I don’t live in a highly populated area. I was in Somers Point, NJ, the town next to mine, and there are only about 10,000 people living there. This is a beach area and during summer, the traffic is bad, but the summer rush has not begun yet. As I crept a little farther along, I noticed that a flock of geese was crossing the road, and the traffic was backed up for at least a mile.

On most occasions, drivers would be honking their horns, but that wasn’t happening today. The only horns that were honking were on the geese. This is the second time that I have driven into a goosey traffic jam, and on both occasions, the drivers were calm and kind.

Generally speaking, New Jersey drivers are some of the rudest around. Before the light fully changes to green, drivers will typically honk to be sure that the line moves forward, but not one driver sounded his horn at the birds. It amazes me that people are more patient with geese than they are with other people, but I have to admit that the goose jam was one that I didn’t mind either.

May the flock be with you.

©Jacki Kellum May 15, 2015




7 thoughts on “South Jersey Traffic Jam – Geese Were Crossing the Road

  1. They look so proud and nonchalant…Glad you were able to get close enough for both a look and to snap this great shot. I’m sure they got in formation just for your pleasure!!


    1. Confession: I got the pic from the site pixabay The images are excellent and free. I cropped out what I didn’t want.


  2. Yes I saw the geese clearly both times. They looked just like the guys in the photo. The first time I saw this, the line of geese was really long. I love to watch geese waddle


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