A Place without Hope Is Hell

All hope abandon, ye who enter here! – Dante’ Inferno

I have reached the point in my life that I can manage to  avoid depression, at least most of the time. The only time that I become depressed now is when I am in a bad situation and I see no way out. Hopelessness drives me into despair–a hellishly dark place. As I say this, however, I must admit that compared to some, my life is blessed. I can only imagine the grim desperation of people who have lived their lives starving in filthy slums, sexually and physically abused every day of their lives, and without any home at all.

When I saw that hope was the subject for today’s daily blog prompt, my mind immediately recalled the Bible scripture in I Corinthians:

1 Corinthians 13:13 King James Version (KJV)

13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Mural, Girl, Balloon, Heart, Graffiti, Innocent, Love

When I was a child in Sunday School, I was taught that in the context of the Bible, the word charity means love. Today, the word charity has an entirely different connotation. In fact, it has a negative connotation for most.

At one time, some of the more fortunate in society were compassionate about those who were in need and because of the loving and caring in their hearts, they wanted to share. Thus, the Biblical term for love, which is charity, was linked to giving. Most giving today is not a product of loving and caring, however. In fact, most people today resent giving. They resent sharing. Anything given in resentment and anger should not be called charity. While resentment and charity are not in the same leagues, however, a society who will not give is a grim prospect.

I Find It Interesting That Some People Have More Compassion for Dogs in Distress Than They Have For People in Distress

Surely We Have All Seen the Commercials Made by the Humane Society–the Ones That Wrench Your Heart

I find it interesting that many people are far more sympathetic to an abused dog than they are to people who are suffering. Is it that we don’t feel exceedingly guilty about the suffering of dogs and we do feel a bit of guilt when we allow ourselves to admit that people all around us are struggling in hopeless situations?

Indeed, it hurts us when animals are abused, and it moves us to the point that we want to help, but we can make a small contribution to the Humane Society and move on. We can feel sorry for abused animals and not be mired down by guilt. We can make a small contribution to the Animal Shelter and simply forget that the problem exists. If we acknowledge that people are suffering  in much the same way as dogs, we might be forced to feel more intensely. It is neater and more simple to deny that people have valid needs. It is easier for us to walk away.

Allow me to return to my original thought: Hell is the place where there is no hope. It is easy for us to judge people who do not prosper in life and to dismiss their sufferings as their faults and not our problems. but we need to admit the reality that many of the people who repeatedly fail are functioning from hell. After a certain amount of time living in hell, anyone would lose hope and despair. The most insensitive in society can merely turn their heads and say that the problem is no longer theirs, but the ultimate result is that society itself is weakened when the members within it are hopeless.

The United States is quickly becoming a country of those who have a lot and those who have nothing at all. For many years, the USA had an extremely wealthy sector who wanted to help others, but today’s wealthy are not what they have always been. At one time, the wealthy had more compassion and they gave [charity] because of their love of mankind. That is when charity was real–when it was something given by people who care simply because they do.

Today’s pseudo-charity is not the same thing as true charity. In previous times, people gave charity as an outpouring of love. Charity was love then. Today, people give when they can get a tax cut or when they will benefit politically and or socially. At this time, there are very few people who give simply because they want to help. Charity [love] is no longer charity [love] at all.

As the 2016 election approaches, most of us realize that our nation is in the most pitiful state that it has ever been. On one hand, we have the hopeless and on the other, we have another element of people who simply  do not care.


1 Corinthians 13:13 King James Version (KJV)

13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

When there was true charity, there was hope; but in today’s USA, there is neither hope nor charity.

All hope abandon, ye who enter here! – Dante’ Inferno

©Jacki Kellum May 4, 2016





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