Girls Season 5 – Songs and Summaries & Shoshanna in Japan

you can rent Shoshanna's japanese apartment from GIRLS on Airbnb

While Season 5 is where Marnie’s train wreck marriage happens, it is Shoshanna’s time in Japan that is the most fun for me. See Japan in Episode 3

As Marnie’s wedding party assembles, we are reminded that the Girls crowd is an incestuous group:

  • Marnie is getting married to Desi, but she slept with Ray during her entire courtship.
  • Ray loves Marnie, but he was initially involved with Shoshanna.
  • Hannah’s escort to the wedding and her current lover is Fran, but her boyfriend for two years in college is Elijah, who had since become gay. Her next serious boyfriend was Adam, and he is at the wedding.

The relationship merry-go-round is still circling, however. During Episode 1, Adam kisses Jessa.

Ray tells Fran that the love of his life is marrying someone else and that he does not have the nerve to pull a Graduate.

Immediately after that, Desi disintegrates. We discover that Desi had succumbed to wedding-day jitters 7 times before and that Marnie’s engagement rings had originally been given to Desi’s previous girlfriend. This completely unnerves Ray. Desi and Ray have a terrible fight that ends up with both of them getting soaked in a pool. As though things were not bad enough, it begins to rain, and the wedding has been planned for outdoors.

No, The End’s Not Near

Although a professional hairdresser and makeup artist had been hired to get all of the girls ready, she messes up Marnie’s makeup and storms out, saying all of the girls are an army full of twats.

Jessa steps up to the plate and finishes the job of getting all of the girls ready for the wedding.

Episode 2

Adam’s attraction to Jessa increases in Episode 2, but Jessa is trying to turn over several new leaves. Among other things, she is trying to be more loyal to her friends and because of Hannah, she does not want to jump into a relationship with Adam. In spite of her resolve, however, she and Adam begin to hang out.

Hannah continues to do inappropriate things at her teaching job, and Hannah is forced to continue to deal with her father’s efforts to come out of the closet.

While Elijah is at a bar, a successful news source buys him a drink and gives him his telephone number.

Hannah’s responsibilities for her father become more complex and exasperating for her.

Episode 3

you can rent Shoshanna's japanese apartment from GIRLS on Airbnb

In Episode 3, Shoshana takes a job in Tokyo, and the photographs of her apartment in Japan are a visual treat. As I told someone else, the Girls Episode in Japan is like visiting Candyland.

Sometimes at night, I think about Japan, and I’m like, “Did I create this country in my mind?” – Shoshanna on Girls

you can rent Shoshanna's japanese apartment from GIRLS on Airbnb

While she is in Japan, Shoshanna and her Japanese friends go to a Flip concert.

Because of the color and the Japanese elements, I love this episode, but Shoshanna gets a call, telling her that her job has been discontinued. Shoshanna begins to consider what returning to America will entail.

In the beginning part of their relationship, Fran seemed too good to be true, and beginning in Episode 3, we begin to see hints that he actually may be just that.


Episode 4

In Episode 4, Desi takes it upon himself to tear down the walls of his and Marnie’s apartment. Marnie hates it.

To avoid Adam, Jessa begins going to female AA meetings, but Adam stalks her there.

While the coffee shop across the street is flourishing, Ray’s coffee  shop has hardly any business at all.

In Episode 4, Fran begins to step across the line. He begins by correcting the grammar on homework that Hannah had assigned to HER students. Hannah tries to grab the student’s paper away from Fran and the child’s paper is ripped.

Marnie advises Hannah not to break up with Fran, saying that he is a really good guy. Hannah corrects her saying that he is NOT a good guy. He is a seemingly good guy. Marnie says that Adam didn’t even seem like a good guy and that he is insane.

Hannah: Adam was actually more sane than Fran, he was just in the body of a psychopath.
Jessa: Actually, that’s not true. Adam’s completely insane. And he’s bow-legged. Which is disgusting.

They are having this discussion at Jessa’s apartment, where both Hannah and Marnie have gone to escape their guys. Jessa, who is  still making an effort to turn her life around, was trying to study.

Hannah added:

The worst thing about Fran is that he has this prescribed idea about how I should act in any given situation. When I don’t fulfill his expectations, he judges me.

Marnie realizes that she had been setting the same kind of unrealistic expectations for Desi and says that she is going home to apologize to him. Again, she advises Hannah not to break up with Fran–adding that she will just have to start over with someone new.

Hannah and Jessa go out for rice pudding and begin to argue about the fact that Hannah spends a great deal of time, surfing the internet. Hannah asks Jessa why she is being critical and Jessa says that it is because she was trying to study that Hannah insisted the she stop and go out for pudding. She says that everyone has to do everything that Hannah asks. Hannah asks Jessa why she is being meaner than usual. Hannah says that perhaps she and Jessa are growing in different directions and that perhaps Jessa no longer wants to be her friend. Jessa answers, “Maybe.”

Of course, the viewer knows that the real problem is that Jessa is struggling with her temptation to begin a relationship with Adam, who was Hannah’s boyfriend. Hannah leaves, saying that if she is going to hang out with someone, it may as well be her boyfriend.

From the argument with Hanah, Jessa finds the courage to commit to Adam and the two of them move forward into a full, sexual relationship.

Things are not good with Hannah and Fran, however.

Episode 5

Early in Episode 5, Shoshanna is still in Japan. Her high-end job has ended, and she is working in a cat cafe now.

Hannah accompanies her mother to a retreat, where the mother hopes to make some decisions about her future with Hannah’s dad, who has announced that he is gay.

One revealing thing about the retreat, which is all about Yoga and other types of relaxation activities, is that one of the participants in the retreat is a Yoga teacher back home.

While at the retreat, Hannah tells her mother that Fran is too nice.

Hannah’s mother says that she knew that she and Hannah’s dad had done a number on Hannah.

‘You are incapable of loving someone who is kind to you.” – Hannah’s mother to Hannah

Jessa and Adam are still together and she tells him that her sister Minerva is in town.

There’s Going to be An Angel

Because Jessa’s grandmother had cut her off financially and had not cut off Minerva, Jessa asks her sister for financial help to return to college. The sister said that she knew that Jessa would not stick with the college and that she didn’t want to waste her money on another of Jessa’s whims. Adam comes to Jessa’s defense:

She’s a beautiful fuckin’ rainbow. Cutting and sublime. And she’s gonna be the best fuckin’ therapist ever. I envy her future patients because she’s a truth-teller. And her perfect face is the least beautiful thing about her. – Adam about Jessa

Afterward, Adam said that he would pay for Jessa’s college tuition.

Hannah struggles with the retreat. She does not like the no-phone rule, and she hates being outdoors. She tells a counselor that regardless of how much she hates the retreat, she thinks that it is better than being back at her apartment with Fran.

The counselor says that Fran sounds like an asshole. Hannah tries to defend Fran, saying that he is nice. The counselor responded:

” Fuck nice. Nice is a mask people wear to hide their inner assholes.”

The counselor tells Hannah that she is too luscious to be with an asshole. Hannah gets more into the retreat and ultimately, she has a very brief liaison with the counselor, who is female.

While at the retreat, Hannah’s mother heard some of the other women’s marital woes and she decides that it is too late for her begin again. Hannah tells her mother that she and her dad actually had messed her up.

Episode 6

In Episode 6, Marnie has become totally disenchanted with Desi. They argue. Desi begins one of his emotional, crying breakdowns. He says that he wants to kill himself. Marnie says that he won’t kill himself. He is far too narcissistic for that. And she walks out.

Just Sayin I Tried

Charlie was Marnie’s boyfriend at the beginning of the series. At that time, they had been together since college. He had made a lot of money with an App but he had lost all of his money when his App business went under. While she was walking through a bad part of town, she spots Charlie, who talks her into going to a party with him. He takes her to buy a dress for the occasion, and Marnie randomly tells the uninterested store clerk  that she is married and that Charlie is her old boyfriend and more until Charlie grabs her hand and whisks her out the door.

It turns out that Charlie had gone to the party to sell drugs Charlie’s customer thinks that Marnie is a prostitute and thinks that he has engaged her for a meeting later that evening. He gives Marnie a large advance, and she and Charlie laugh at the scam she has pulled.

Afterward, Charlie and Marnie go out for dinner.

On the way back to Charlie’s apartment, Marnie tells him that she had written songs about him and that he is her family. Charlie and Marnie take someone’s boat and it capsizes. Afterward, they continue their walk back to Charlie’s. On the way back, they are mugged.

Charlie’s apartment is a dump, but Marnie says that she is not there to change him–that she doesn’t need to change anyone anymore. She goes to take a shower and when she returns, she finds his needle. After that, she goes back to her apartment and says the following to Desi:

Marnie: I don’t want to be married to you. It’s not even your fault. I mean, yeah, you’re an asshole, but it’s really not your fault. I just… I knew I shouldn’t have married you. I just didn’t want to give up on yet another dream.
Desi: What are you talking about?
Marnie: I just don’t know who I am right now. I’m like a ghost of myself. I don’t know what I’m doing here or anywhere else. But I don’t want to be married to you.

Look, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I think I knew we were going to get divorced before we even got married. I was just really scared of what it was that I knew that I needed. I think that what I need is to be… Alone. – Marnie on Girls Series

The hope of the beginning”? You mean when you had a girlfriend and I saw you like twice a week and half the times we fucked you covered my face with a pillow because you couldn’t handle the guilt? Do you remember that? Jesus Christ, I have some, like, serious shit to work out. So do you. I’m not sure you’re capable of it but… that’s not my problem anymore. – Marnie

Marnie leaves her apartment and goes to Hannah’s apartment. She crawls in bed with Hannah and Fran

Episode 7

At the beginning of Episode 7, Hannah has gotten back into trouble with the principal of  the school where she teaches. To get out of trouble, she slyly spreads her legs and flashes him. Fran’s perfectionist control-freak is unleashed on her.

Adam is still acting and he is still in a relationship with Jessa and Hannah still does not know about that relationship. Adam is one of the actors in a production that is like piece of performance art.

Hannah attends the production, and that is where she realizes that Jessa and Adam are a couple.

This production is also where Marnie tells Ray that she is leaving Desi. After pulling her close to him and luring him into her coil again, she says that she wants to be alone now. Marnie is the Queen of pushing and pulling. Ray reads the signals and says that he thinks it is important that they not repeat their mistakes.

Speaking of performances and exhibitions, Elijah accompanies Dill to one of his elaborate parties.Everything about the party and the crowd is superficial and Dill comments about the importance of realness to him. He continues by saying that Elijah is his “real.”

Solid Gold

Moments later, Elijah talks to a guest at the party, who calls Dill Dill the Doll. Elijah say that Dill really knows how to make someone feel like the only girl in the room and the guest tells him that he is only one of many of Dill’s conquests.

Love in Motion

When Elijah tries to speak to Dill about the issue, he essentially tells Eliah that he can take it or leave it. “There are many friends; there are many work events. –  Dill”

My Car

While Hannah is trying to talk to Marnie about her disappointment in Messa and Adam, Desi comes in and tells her that they have been booked on a big tour together. [Remember that Marnie had asked Desi for divorce]. Hannah is lying there crying and Desi and Marnie start singing one of their songs.

Fran appears and although Hannah doesn’t want to be with Fran, she doesn’t want to be alone either. They walk away together.

Episode 8

At the beginning of Episode  8, Shoshanna is back in America, riding along the airport’s travelator and another passenger rudely bumps into her. Shoshanna screams about the rudeness of Americans:

This country is bullshit…Nobody has any manners…Everyone is so self-involved and self-serving….Why am I here? Shoshanna

New York  Groove

Do you remember Adam’s psycho sister Caroline? She and a recovering addict have a baby now, and Caroline has split. Adam comes to check on things, and the addict leaves, too. Adam and Jessa are left in charge of a baby. That is always a good dynamic for ending a honeymoon, and Jessa admits that she has never held a baby. When the baby spits up on Jessa, she freaks, runs to the bathroom, crying for Adam to help her. Adam’s response:

You’re an adult. She’s a baby. Why do you need more help than a baby? – Adam to  Jessa

While Desi and Marnie are rehearsing for their tour, his new squeeze appears. She is a crisis facilitator and swoops in with her gratingly soft and spiritually calm and together demeanor. It is maddening.

Hannah and Fran are shown riding in a Winnebago. School is out for summer, and Fran tells Hannah that they have 3 months alone together with none of her needy friends. That reality of that is too harsh for Hannah and she promptly removes herself from the van. She tells Fran that she no longer wants to be in a relationship with him and begins to run from him. Fran responds:

Just stop running and talk to me like an adult. – Fran to Hannah.

Hannah is stranded miles away in the boondocks of upstate New York. She begins trying to call her “friends” to come get her and take her home. Ultimately, Ray comes to get her. He is driving his new van that was built for vending his coffee and food.


In her effort to show Ray her appreciation, Hannah gives him a blow job, and he wrecks his new  $50,000 van. Now, both Hannah and Ray are stranded in Upstate New York. Hannah’s response is to hitchhike a ride for herself and leave Ray stranded alone.

Once she is in the guy’s car, she realizes that he appears to be shady and dangerous. He has a gun. After talking, Hannah discovers that the driver had taken the gun away from his girlfriend, who had it in his face. Hannah begins to tell the driver that her boyfriend had left her like trash on the side of the road [don’t forget that Hannah demanded that Fran drive away and leave her and that she is the one who left Ray like trash on the side of the road]. She also shares that she has learned that one of her best friends is sleeping with her other ex-boyfriend.

Good Girl Down

When they reach NYC, they driver is elated. He had never seen the City before. He says that in NYC, anything is possible.

Episode 9

In an earlier episode, Hannah was at a retreat with her mother and a counselor said to her:

” Fuck nice. Nice is a mask people wear to hide their inner assholes.”

In Episode 9, we begin to see Fran without his nice-guy mask.

Fran, you’re  a dick–a secret dick to be sure, but you are a dick. You’re very judgmental, you are very moralistic, you would have definitely sent the witches to trial in the Crucible….It doesn’t work for me. Hannah to Fran

Hannah follows her break up with Fran by going to the school where she was teaching and resigning.

I’ve been trying to stay open to signals from the universe and I  don’t know if I can be open to them if I’m hearing another song. – Hannah to Principal Toby

In Season 1, Hannah is angered and shamed because one of her classmates had already been published and was doing well. We meet this Tally again in Episode 9, and we begin to see that Tally has been wearing a different kind of mask. Hannah shares some of the disappointments that have taken her away from her writing, and Tally surprises her by being open and hearing her. Tally encourages Hannah to “borrow” the bike that someone had failed to lock and she enourages her to ride into her new future:

Hitchin a Ride

Later, Hannah admits that she is jeaous of Tally, and Tally says that she knows that other people are jealous of her and that the reality is that she spend a lot of time simply Googling herself.

I need to see how other people see me because that’s the only way that I can see myself. – Tally to Hannah

She continues, saying that Tally is not even who she is any more. She says that Tally is a monster that she has created and that now she has to feed it.

“…it’s exhausting and boring…and I’m too smart to be exhausted and bored.” Tally to Hannah

Se goes on to say that she has an essay to write and that all she wants to do is Google herself and smoke weed.

They Don’t Know

And in this way, Tally and Hannah, the two sides of Lena Dunham, make peace:

Feeling Myself

To show how healthy she is, Hannah [Hannah-Tally] laughs when Jessa walks through the door with Adam.


Episode 10

As Episode 10 begins, the new Hannah jogs past her parents, who were waiting on her apartment steps.


Marnie and Ray are together again and Marnie wants Ray to come on her tour with her. I t appears that she only wants him around to support her.???????

After Shoshanna’s return from Japan, she rebranded Ray’s coffee shop and now, it is flourising.

I Want That

The once feral and wild children Jessa and Adam had been trapped in a bleak apartment, fighting over how to feed Adam’s sister’s child, but the dad returned. They return to their own bleak apartment. Jessa says she will never forgive Adam for tempting her into betraying Adam.

Y’know, people hate me. I’m a hateable kind of person. I don’t know why, I can’t help it, maybe it’s because I have a big ass and good hair but I know, I know that I have principles and one thing I don’t do is steal people’s boyfriends. But you ruin that. Don’t you see that?! I’ll never forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you for that. We could die in the same bed and I will never forgive you. – Jessa

That disintegrates into a free-for-all, where Jess and Adam nearly destroy their apartment. In our final look at them for the season, they have made love and all lying int the ruins of their own destruction.

Professionally speaking, Hannah presents at the Moth, which is an open mic forum for writers.

Open Your Eyes

In her presentation, Hannah talked about Jessa and Adam’s relationship and her jealousy of it. She described Jessa as a perfect specimen that looks like Brigette Bardot mated with a mermaid. She tells how she had dropped off a basket for Jessa  and Adam. She signed the card Good Luck, Forever, Hannah. In her presentation, Hannah explains that she truly is Hannah Forever:

I’m Hannah forever. No matter what I do, no matter whether I start a new nuclear missile crisis with my emotions, or I sit back and chill and give someone a fruit basket, I can only control the mayhem that I create around me. But the crazy thing is, when I showed up, I heard screaming and I heard my name and I heard madness. And I knew that I was free. At least for tonight. That’s all. Thank you.



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