Let’s Bend the Rules: Let’s Wear Our Pajamas All Day Long

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For a little extra change and to help fund my freedom from the traditional job, I carpool some children. This morning, I arrived at the children’s house, and the little boy was so excited to see me that he burst out of his house like Superman. Then, he jumped into the back of jmy car. [That’s another reason that I drive children to school. Their enthusiasm helps fuel my own energy].

In his excitement, the little boy had forgotten his bookbag. He ran back inside and I tried to keep up with him. While inside, the little boy flung open his jacket and asked me how I liked his shirt [it was a Ninja Turtle shirt]. I said that I loved it. Then, he confessed that he had worn his shirt to bed the night before. I had to confess that I had done the same thing. There I stood in my pajama top, wearing my Uggs house shoes, no makeup was on my face, and I was at my job. [That’s another reason that I drive children to school].

I told the little boy that it was okay for him to wear his pajama top to preschool, and I thought to myself: “If only the world could get that message.” A lot of things are okay that the world has pinpointed as “against the rules.”

When we got to the little boy’s daycare [not actually a school], the little boy tried flashing his shirt to his best friend. The other little boy said, “I have that same shirt. It is pajamas.”

The little boy’s face dropped and he looked at me. I smiled and told him that it was okay. “Have a great, great day.”

After all, who died and made that other kid Chief of the Fashion Police?

And there you have it: a real life episode of the continuing saga of those who follow the rules and those who curve around them.

For many, many years, I dressed to impress, but in the 1960s, I became a bra burner. Speaking of curving around the rules: after years of hanging loose, my curves are everywhere now, except where I need to bind them tightly. I don’t even think that I could gather it all up and stuff it neatly into a bra now. Besides, I simply will not go back to the days of corsets and Maidenform’s. In fact, I don’t even own a real bra now. I have a few sports bras, but I don’t have anything that makes me uncomfortable. Why should I have?

arnica-lupine-2 Many years ago, I realized that I only have one life to live. Why should I live it all up tight. I just let things flow. You see it in my art.


You see it in my garden.

You see it in the clothes that I elect to wear out loud. And if I take off my over shirt, you will see it in my lack of a bra.

Try it! Bend the Rules! Wear Your Pajamas All Day Long! And Breathe!

©Jacki Kellum [the Pajama Mama April 29, 2016



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