Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open

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Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open!


In the arts communities, Process is valued over Product. In other words, a working, living, flexible creation is favored over something that was only considered once, made, and never reconsidered.

A Closed Mind is like a Product. It is a withering vessel that allows precious little in or out. It is comprised of boxes that are only filled once and then are locked and abandoned.

Many things cause people to close their minds. I believe that fear is one of the factors. People who are afraid of the unknown–who are afraid of change–have a tendency to restrict the amount of data that they process.

Hurriedness is another reason that people are quick to close their minds. We live in an age of multi-tasking. The people who do the most, multi-task to do so. Those people habitually review a matter once, make a decision, shut that door, and move on.

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While that might be a quick way to get things done, however, I feel quite sure that it is often not thorough. It is certainly not working with an open mind.

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The more effective practice requires continued thought on a matter and more reflection. An open-minded person would revisit one’s plan time and again, and he would check and balance his behavior. Anything less is like working with blinders on. It is a fast trip to Denial, where a person attempts to function with partial information.

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I have written several posts about Denial, and I believe that Anger is another cause of Denial–and likewise, a reason for closing one’s mind. When we get mad, we have a tendency to stop listening, and when we stop listening, we lose empathy, and we end our thought processes. The person in denial has the tendency to slams the door on any further consideration. Then, he throws away the key, and he never looks back again.

That type of narcissistic behavior frightens me.

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Beware of a lock without a key, and be more wary of the person who slammed the door.

©Jacki Kellum April 22, 2016


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