Free Online Course Examines the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen–An Author for the Child’s Mind–Regardless of the Age of the Child

An image of Hans Christian Andersen sitting next to a bed reading a book to a girl laying on the bed and 3 children standing and sitting next to the bed

Hans Christian Andersen reading fairy tales to the painter’s children
© Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann

I have registered for a free online course to study the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. It is presented by the Anderson Center in his hometown in Denmark. I thought that others might also be interested. You can register Here

While Anderson’s tales were simple enough for a child to grasp, they were not written only for the child. Rather, they were written for people who can still think and feel with the heart and mind of a child.

Hans Christian Anderson is described as a restless person who, although he was successful, never actually felt successful or at peace. Andersen  referred to himself a bog plant that was mired in mud but reaching toward the light.



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