A Closet–A Case for Chaos: I’m Declaring A War on Clutter!

The worst part of being arty is that being so requires an inordinate stash of stuff, and the more types of art that one does, the more his clutter.

I try to do it all. I paint. I collage. I sew. I make a little bit of jewelry, and I garden. Everything that I do requires a rack of tools, a wall of books,  and a barrel of belongings. Trying to keep it all organized is a constant battle, and until now, I have been defeated.

I initially began trying to put all of my things on bookcases, and I currently have more bookcases than I have books. Yet, stuff still piles to the point that it is out of control. I wish that I could blame the mess on someone else, but I live alone. There is no denying that it is my mess. The fight begs for more storage than a battalion of bookcases. Recently, however, a friend and neighbor gave me 2 rooms full of beautiful cabinets and a pantry that is almost 10 feet wide. Now, that should do the trick.

When my friend showed me the items that she was replacing, she showed me each of the two set of cabinets, and then she showed me the pantry. She incredulously asked me, “Do you want this too?” [She was pointing at the pantry].

I eagerly nodded my head. A confused expression crossed my friend’s face. I could tell that she was thinking about the rather small house that I own and she was wondering where all of these cabinets would go.  But I wasn’t confused. I knew that I still had a little bit of unoccupied wall space left. I have decided that my only hope of winning my war with clutter is to have a house that is wall-to-wall cabinets and closets.

[Don’t worry. I didn’t cover up any of the windows, but the rest of my wall space is storage].

After my carpenter spends another day or two with me–hanging my labyrinth of nooks and crannies–I’ll be ready to move all of the junk from my desks, tables, ironing board and floor–into their new homes.

Chaos, Regulation, Shield, Board, Directory, Sign, Note

Ahhhhh-A Closet–A Case for Chaos.

©Jacki Kellum April 18, 2016



4 thoughts on “A Closet–A Case for Chaos: I’m Declaring A War on Clutter!

      1. No. just incentive. I should show you my mess… thousands of slides of my husband’s and my art work over at 15 year period–Actually, his over a 50 year period…Up to 8 dupes of each… trying to sort out and make one set and throw away the rest. I’ve been working on this for weeks…
        well, off and on. And it is spread all over my dining room table and floor. I feel your pain.


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