A Jacki-of-All-Trades Needs a House with a Lot of Shelves

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Being creative is fun. Most creative people will try to make or do anything. If their roses need arbors, they will build them.


And if they need a deck, they’ll build that, too.


If they want to play the guitar or any other musical instrument, they simply teach themselves how to play.


If they want to paint, they paint.

Colorful, Colorful Scarves, Color, Art, Cloth

If they want to batik, they batik.

Patchwork, Fabric, Padding, Patchwork Quilt, Blanket

If they want to quilt, they quilt.

Sock Doll, Crafts, Happy, Funny

If they want to make dolls, they make dolls.

Agate, Stone, Pendant, Goddess, Asian, Garnet, Jasper

If they want to make jewelry, they make jewelry.

Jams, Marmalades, Farmers Market, Homemade Preserves

If they want to make preserves, they make preserves.


They even grow their own fruits.


And they create their own scarecrows, too.

All-in-all, being creative is exciting, but a creator’s mind is like a Pandora’s Box. Her house is even worse. Every single thing that a creative person does requires supplies–lots of supplies. And unless there are lots of shelves, the creative person’s home is a tangled abyss.

Book, Address Book, Learning, Learn, Reading, Culture

I have gotten to the point that I rarely buy any furniture at all, but buying shelves is another matter entirely.

My house has several large windows, but the rest of the walls are lined with shelves. I know that this isn’t the way that most folks decorate their houses, but my house is different. Unless I want all of my stuff circling around the floor, I have to put it on a shelf.

©Jacki Kellum March 17, 2016




2 thoughts on “A Jacki-of-All-Trades Needs a House with a Lot of Shelves

  1. Wonderful photographs, and oh, how well I resonate with your need for shelves. It is my good fortune that my husband has made shelves and bookshelves in every room in our house. It’s totally awe-inspiring how he does it so efficiently – and they all look good, too!
    I enjoyed your post a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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