The 2005 Oscar Nominee Ray Is Outstanding – Oscar Recipient Jamie Fox is Brilliant

I am trying to watch and review all of the Oscar movies and oscar nominations from the past. I have noted that some of the previous Oscar winners were rather faddish. They were probably good, at the time that they were made, but they have not stood the test of time. On the other hand, I have discovered that I like the movies better now than I did when I first watched them. Re-watching those movies is a treat. Ray has proven to be that kind of treat for me.

I remembered that Jamie Fox did an incredible job of playing Ray Charles, but as I re-watched the movie today, I was astounded by how well he played the part. The other performances were also good. In fact, Ray is played by a string of stars, and the music is top-knotch.

Ray Charles is portrayed as a genius who was tormented by his drug abuse. At a time when the Civil Rights Movement was struggling to make life better for the non-white people in our country, hHe was an African American performer who was able to cross racial lines and even blend them to some extent.

The movie Ray is a quality biography and it has historic significance, but beyond that, it is simply a good movie.

©Jacki Kellum March 12, 2015




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