Mad Max Fury Road Sweeps the Oscars & Takes Home 6 Statues

Early in February of this year, I saw a great documentary about the Oscars that have been presented over the years. I have many passions, and watching movies is one of them. I undertook the challenge to watch all of the Oscar movies throughout the years and to offer my opinion of them. You can find those posts by searching the word Oscars.

As I began to watch the old Oscar movies and write about them, I became interested in who would win this year. For the first time ever, I watched the Academy of Awards last night. I wish I had gotten to the theater to see all of the movies before the presentation program. I think that will be my goal this year. I think I’ll return to my resolve to go to the movies once a week. Some movies really much be watched on the big screen. An example of this truth is the movie Mad Max Fury Road.

I did not see Mad Max until it came to television, and that award-winning movie needed the big screen. I reviewed Mad Max Here As I have said before, Mad Max is like taking a road trip through hell. There really is not much dialog and not even much of a plot; yet, the movie won six awards and was also nominated for Best Picture.

When I reviewed Mad Max, I volunteered that it is not my kind of movie. Had I not pledged to watch all of the Oscar nominations, too, I would have skipped that one–simply because I judged the book by its covers. Yet, after watching the movie, I admired its special effects. If you look at Max’s awards, all of them, in one way or another, have to do with the ingenuity of Max’s effects.

Mad Max won the following 6 Awards:

  1. Best Costume Design

2. Best Makeup and Hairstyling

3. Best Production Design 

4. Best Film Editing 

5. Best Sound Mixing

6. Best Sound Editing

I am glad that Mad Max did not receive the Oscar for Best Picture. The story simply is not there, but I absolutely agree that it deserved all of the awards that it got–the awards which are have to do with what it takes to  turn movies into magic. In it own way, Mad Max Fury Road is a magical film.

©Jacki Kellum February 29, 2016





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