The 2014 Oscar Nomination The Theory of Everything is My Kind of Movie

During the time that I have been reviewing past Oscar Movies and Oscar Movie Nominations, I have repeatedly said that I thought that this film or that had excellent qualities, but that it simply was not my kind of movie. During 2014, two films that are my kinds of movies were made and were nominated for Oscars. They are The Theory of Everything and  The Imitation Game. Both of those movies have the flavor of a quality PBS production–like Masterpiece Theater or Downton Abbey. Again, those are my kind of movies.

The Theory of Everything is about two remarkable people–Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane Hawking. Undoubtedly, Stephen Hawking is brilliant, but in my opinion, if it were not for Jane Hawking’s selflessness and unwavering devotion, Stephen Hawking could not have achieved what he did. In fact, he probably would not have lived as long as he has either.

The movie is beautifully made, and Eddie Redmayne was inspired in his portrayal of Stephen Hawking. Felicity Jones also seems to have been the perfect person to play Jane. Absolutely, The Theory of Everything was a worthy choice as an Oscar Nomination for 2014. I do not see that it could have been better.

©Jacki Kellum February 21, 2016



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