Writing about the Oscar Movies Throughout History Has Helped Me Keep My New Year’s Resolution to Write Every Day

On New Year’s Day, I vowed to post at least once on my blog every day during 2016, and at this point, I am ahead of my goal. A couple of days, I only wrote because of my vow, and I suppose that is proof that making a commitment does help. I have discovered that other things have helped me toward my goal, too.

Since my goal has to do with writing every day, I discovered that unless I wanted to say the same thing over and over, I needed to find many interesting things to say. About a week ago, I watched an incredible documentary about the Oscar winners throughout history, and I realized that I could do something similar through my blog.

I love movies. Even though I have a master’s degree in English literature, I prefer movies over books. In my opinion, movies are the literature of a more modern age. Similar to books, movies use words–but they use spoken words [like audio books]. In addition, movies use lights, color, action, acting, scenery, music, sound, etc., to add to the words. Others would disagree, but for me, movies complete the package.

I decided that during the course of 2016, I would sweeten my New Year’s Resolution by striving toward watching and reviewing all of the movies that have received the Oscar Award for Best Picture or that have at least been nominated. The things that I will say will not be earth-shattering revelations, but we are not obliged to be prophets or poets every time that we write.

Last week, I shared a post saying that it is good to offer a variety of types of information in our blogs Here. Where readers are concerned, different strokes will appeal to different folks. It is not necessary that blogs always be serious and deep. Sometimes it is good to simply reflect about something that interests us. Movies do interest me, and I am enjoying both watching all of these Oscar movies, thinking about them, and then writing about them.

It might seem that an exercise like this is wasteful. After all, what am I accomplishing? I am not writing anything that I can sell. I am not creating a new literary form. I am simply writing. In my opinion, where writers are concerned, there is great value in simply writing. In merely writing, we become better writers, and that is profit enough for me.

To become better at playing the piano, the pianist religiously plays scales. To become a better singer, the singer sings arpeggios. To become a better writer, a writer writes, and in writing, a writer finds his voice–he finds his own style–he becomes a better writer.

In case, you would like to take up the challenge of watching and reviewing all of the Oscar Movies, too. The list is Here.

©Jacki Kellum February 14, 2016

Thanks, Hindsight


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