The 1975 Oscar Nominee Barry Lyndon Is Beautiful — and Interesting?

Last night, I waded through the movie Barry Lyndon. It was not one of my favorite movies, but the cinematography was exquisite. Some scenes looked like a 17th Century European Landscape Painting by someone like Jacob van Ruisdael.  The opulence  of the film is undeniable.

Some of the interiors suggest the Rococo period.

And the lighting, which ranged from soft, window-lit sets to that of Rembrandt was delicious.

But in my opinion, the movie itself was less glorious. There is hardly any dialogue. Rather, a monotonous monologue weaves in and out of the movie’s action–or lack thereof. The film has a stuffiness and a stiffness which I did think was appropriate for the stiltedness of the aristocracy that was portrayed. The movie left me thinking that I was rather glad to have been born a commoner. The wealthy did not seem to have much personality at all, and they certainly did not know how to simply live and enjoy their lives.

I watch many Oscar movies and Oscar nominees over and over, but I do not think that I would watch Barry Lyndon a second time. The movie was an interesting venture, but it is not the kind of film that truly moves me.

©Jacki Kellum February 10, 2016


During the month of February, I am reviewing one Oscar movie each day.




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