Wait for It! An Exciting Time for the Older Me

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In one of the episodes of Downton Abbey, something was said about a weekend, and Maggie Smith, as the old Dowager Duchess said, “Weekend, What’s That?”

Because the Abbey’s entitled did not work, they had no understanding of a work week, and without a work week, the concept of a weekend is lost. That is what life has been like for me since I have retired.

Even though I no longer work full-time,  I am the same person. Yet, because I have no children at home to transport here and there and because  I have no regular job, my days and my nights have melded together. I don’t go out and party on Saturday nights–or any other nights, and my nights and my days have come to be alike. Much like Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory, time has become a never-changing abyss for me.

All this having been said, however, allow me to add that I have not emotionally flat-lined. I still have fun, and I still find things exciting. I merely find joy at different times and in other places than I did when I was younger.

In fact, this past Friday night brought its own kind excitement to me. A snowstorm of historic proportions fell upon the East Coast, and after the snow had covered the ground and after the stores had closed for the night, I discovered that my refrigerator was broken. The roads were closed for the next two days, but on Monday, I was able to go spend all of my available cash on a new refrigerator, but it was not delivered until yesterday. Believe it or not, the whole refrigerator thing has been a bit of a lark for me.

Jacki’s New GE Refrigerator

As the boys wheeled my shiny new fridge into my house, I thought to myself, “This is the first new refrigerator that I have ever owned, and it is my first stainless steel refrigerator, too. I have finally graduated from white.”

During my entire life, I have never lived in a newly built house; therefore, every time that I have moved into a house, a used refrigerator came with the used home. Although I have found it necessary to replace my fridge before, this is the first time that I have actually gone to the store and bought a new one. In six weeks, I’ll be 66-years-old, and I finally have a brand new refrigerator–a stainless steel refrigerator–and one that has no scratches or dents.

Jacki’s Refrigerator Before She Has Filled It with New Food

After having chilled for 24 hours, my refrigerator is thoroughly cold inside, and in a few minutes, I’ll go buy some new groceries to place inside my new refrigerator. Agreed, this is not like painting the town red, but for me, this is party enough.

Throughout the week, I have thought about how differently that I might have viewed the buying of a new refrigerator. If I had been privy to tons of new appliances before now–and if during my lifetime, I had never actually wanted anything, buying a new refrigerator would not please me at all. In fact, I would probably be irritated by the minor hassle that the affair had cast upon my week, and I would take no pleasure in seeing my new fridge rolling through my door and taking its place within my home.

For what I have received may the Lord make me truly thankful. And more truly for what I have not received. – Storm Jameson

This will sound odd, but I am actually happy that during my lifetime, I have not had everything that I have wanted. I am glad that I have had to wait for some of life’s pleasures. Things could be quite different for me now that I am older and retired. I could have NOTHING left to want and there could be Nothing that would make my day. Thank goodness, that is not the case for me. It doesn’t take much at all to turn my life into a party.

©Jacki Kellum January 29, 2016

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