I Can’t Afford A Bucket List – I’m Just Trying to Save My Bucket, In Spite of Snowmageddon


Do you have a Bucket List? I Don’t. I’m Just Trying to Save My Bucket.

I am having a very weird week. Knowing that the winter storm Snowmageddon was on its way, I did not wait until the last minute to shop. On Thursday, I bought my groceries and filled my gas tank. I bought a battery jet pack to extend my cell phone usage, should we lose power and an Internet connection. I tested my propane lantern, heater, and cookstove and neatly arranged them beside their vats of fuel. I even made a pot of homemade chili.

About the time that the snow had covered the ground and the stores had closed last night, I noticed that my refrigerator was broken. All of my frozen food was melted, and my milk was lukewarm. Even if I could scrape enough money together to buy a new refrigerator, I couldn’t get to the store. The snow has stopped traffic. Things will be no better tomorrow either, and even after I get to the store and make my purchase, the delivery date will be days from that.


In an effort to get my ducks in a row, I did everything that I knew to do, and things still went wrong.

It is brutally cold outside and the wind is nearing hurricane speed. I have 2 old, beautiful trees cracking and falling. Will that cost me a mere $1,000 or will I REALLY score and take out my neighbor’s house?

I am amazed at people who make bucket lists. I am even more stunned that people have the extra money to do the things that they have placed on their bucket lists.  As for me and my house, I am having difficulty just keeping the holes in my bucket plugged.

I see no bucket lists in my future. At the very best, I’ll continue living day to day and if things go very, very well, I’ll continue jumping from net to net.

©Jacki Kellum January 23, 2016 –
The Day of the Winter Blizzard That Hit My Mid-Atlantic Coast

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11 thoughts on “I Can’t Afford A Bucket List – I’m Just Trying to Save My Bucket, In Spite of Snowmageddon

  1. Sorry to hear the storm’s so severe, and hoping you are safe and well (as is your house and those trees).
    I agree with you on the bucket list. I’ve found that making a list of places or things I want to do leads to more depression when I find I haven’t done them by the time I thought I would. Besides, being so focused on only a few places or things shuts out a whole lot of other experiences which may be much more to your liking:)

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    1. I agree. The bucket lists are just ways to forget living in the moment and always seek something that is just beyond reach. [That may be sour grapes, too].

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  2. I think you are channelling my life from last week. You will get through this (I did last week after all). Here’s hoping that you find a new fridge (that is ultra cheap and ultra nice), that your electric stays on, that you stay warm and safe and that those trees take out a neighbor or two (but only if they are awful neighbors).


  3. A broken refrigerator. Now! Goodness, that’s bad. There’s the irony of putting some things outside to keep them cold, I guess. But of all times–when you’re trying to prepare to endure our storm. I can’t think of anything better to do for you than keep a good thought and offer a prayer.

    I have a bucket list of three items. One item has been met–an hours-love visit to the Strand Bookstore in New York City.

    But I feel for the need simply to keep the bucket plugged. Good luck. Hang on. Stay warm.

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