Snow – Snow More Snow! – I am a 2- Season Girl!

Fargo – An Interesting Watch, but I wouldn’t want to live there!

Early yesterday morning, I trudged across the frozen ground, which was still covered with a thin layer of hard, crunchy snow. I was toting the garbage cans to the street, and I muttered, “Freaking Fargo!”

Only 2 days before yesterday, I had tried to sing a sweet song of snow. I was trying to get in a better frame of mind about our winter weather, but I am afraid that my snow song only worked over the weekend while I could sit inside–in my window–and look out at the cold. When Monday arrived, I had to move out of my warm space and I had to begin functioning on top of the icy crystals. I am sorry to be a grouch, but I HATE winter.

I am afraid that I have finally figured myself out: I am a 2-season girl. I like Spring and Fall, y’all, and the rest is not for me.

When I first moved to the Mid-Atlantic Coast, which is totally North, compared to Mississippi, people would say to me, “Why did you move here? You’ll hate the winters here.”

I would respond, “But you haven’t tried the summers in Mississippi. I hate that, too,” and it is true. I do hate the hot and humid summers in the South. On a typical August, Mississippi day, I would anticipate my trips and go out at least 5 minutes early and start my car and its air conditioner. I could not endure riding in an automobile that had been heat-robbed of oxygen. On a hot, Southern summer day, I can hardly breathe, but I cannot breathe on a frigid winter day either.

The initial evening of the North’s first snow is lyrical. Flaky wisps change everything into a spectacle. That is okay for another day, but footprints and car tracks muddle the view. Ice replaces the beautiful powder, and for about 2 more months, Yawn! The whole thing gets very old. When driving, you must watch for slick spots–and watch even closer for those who don’t watch.

Last night, it snowed a bit more. I was forced to get out early this morning. With no more than an inch of snow on the ground, some of it managed to slip into my boots. Slivers of cold and icy wetness sent shivers to my very core. Within a square of about 3 miles by 3 miles and over no more than 20 minutes, I heard four separate sirens and saw four separate ambulances. It wasn’t even slippery this morning, but cars were piled up everywhere that I looked.

Tomorrow night, the winds will do more than sneeze a snowy breeze toward us. We are anticipating 18″ – 24″ of snow. Even my little library kids know that something bad is about to happen here. One little girl came in, bundled beneath a wool cap and scarf. With furry mittens flying in the air, the little girl exclaimed, “A glizzard is coming!”

I growled beneath my breath, “There’s been a glizzard here all week long! An absolute savage is barking at his heels. Duck and take cover. Wrap yourself in blankets and don’t come out til April.

Again–I hate winter, and I am already tired of snow (YAWN); yet, it has only just begun.

©Jacki Kellum January 21, 2016

( YAWN )


4 thoughts on “Snow – Snow More Snow! – I am a 2- Season Girl!

  1. A “glizzard”–that’s great! So is the image of an angry Yeti. Maybe because it’s not the Bigfoot of Florida. Sorry about the winter. I’m used to it, though I don’t like it when it’s extreme. It looks as if the coming weather’s going to be hard on your area, especially. I trust you’ll stay safe and warm. As for seasons, I like, too, what I call the seasons in between–fall and spring. When I lived in the Midwest, these went by quickly. They seem to have more of a life here. I know there are dog-days of summer; I’m guessing that’s not because the dogs like them. I figure there might be dog-days of winter, too. The dogs, then, you, and I should get relief in winter and summer and have longer falls and springs. Not for any reason. Just ’cause. Thanks for sharing your narrative about the coming storm and the other times.

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