Ipad Pro & Apple Pencil – Nothing Else Makes the Mark!


Ipad Pro is NOT Just Another Ipad – Especially Not When It Is Teamed with Apple Pencil

Apple has a reputation for releasing new models of Iphones that are not significantly improved from the previous versions. I feel sure that people wonder whether the Ipad Pro is like that. I have had Ipads since Ipad 2, and I assure you that with the Ipad Pro, Apple has definitely raised the bar–and especially when it is teamed with the Apple Pencil, which ONLY works with Ipad Pro.

When I initially began looking at the Ipad Pro, I was most interested in its much larger screen size. I knew that I would be using the Ipad Pro for art, and I wanted to try using it for animation. The 10″ screens cramp my style. When I actually began using the Ipad Pro, I discovered that it had much more to offer than an enlarged screen.

When the Apple Pencil is used with Ipad Pro, the duo becomes a visual arts tool that is incomparable.Unlike other styluses, the Apple Pencil allows you to draw with the point and on the side. When you draw with the point of the Apple Pencil, you merely get a line. In fact, your line will look much the same as it would had you drawn it with a Bamboo stylus–or even your finger. When you lower the Apple Pencil to its side, the magic occurs.

pencil-shadeBy lowering the Apple Pencil to its side, you can create a broad, subtle, and wispy shading stroke–and that is particularly true when you use the app Paper by 53. I tried shading in other apps, but they do not seem to have caught up with the sophistication of Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Paper by 53 is right on target.

For years, I have created drawings like the ones in this post. Before, I could only get this look by using authentic red chalk–the same, natural clay-like material that was used during the Renaissance. To make the red chalk more subtle, I would wet my finger and barely touch it–in just the right places. Probably because I had learned how to create that look with chalk, long before the Ipad Pro entered the scene, I had some idea of how to manipulate the Apple Pencil. When I want to create a smudge that is almost like an angel’s kiss, I turn my Apple Pencil on its side, and I gently drag it across the surface of the Ipad Pro.

The Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive, and the Ipad Pro is built to respond to its sensitivity. Team the two of these together with the app Paper by 53, and you will be amazed. I have tried the Apple Pencil with several different apps. Its performance is stunning with the app Paper by 53, but it is not nearly as noticeable with other apps.

Unfortunately, there are an insufficient number of apps to fully utilize the Apple Pencil now, but I believe that this will only be a temporary setback. The app market has simply not caught up with Apple Pencil’s new playing field. Apparently there aren’t enough Apple Pencils either. If you are one of the people who cannot find an Apple Pencil ANYWHERE, you are fully aware that before Apple launched its new Ipad Pro, it did not produce enough Apple pencils to accompany them. I don’t know whether that was merely a mistake, on Apple’s part, or whether it was a marketing ploy. My best guess is that Apple intentionally did not create enough Apple Pencils and that it deliberately did so, to create a feeding frenzy, but I could not say that for sure.

Apple is a sophisticated entity. On a recent 60 minute interview, Apple’s Tim Cook admitted that Terrorists use iPhone technology, to stage their attacks. Apple is smart enough to know how they are doing that. Apple even knows how it could hobble the terrorists, but because of privacy issues, it does not. Apple has made its fortune by being aware. Certainly, Apple knew that they were not creating enough Apple Pencils to sell with the Ipad Pro. Apple has entire departments that speculate and anticipate the market. Apple knew how many Apple Pencils they needed to make. They just wanted the market to salivate a while, and I almost hate to play into Apple’s hands and throw fuel on their fire, but Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil are worthy of some lathering. Anyone who is serious about creating art with an Ipad  wants the Ipad Pro and its mate the Apple Pencil. Nothing else makes the digital mark.

Read more of my Review of the Ipad Pro, the Apple Pencil and Paper by 53 Here.  


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