Heads Up – Free Fiction Writing Class Online

Check out FutureLearn’s Free Online Course – Writing Fiction!

A couple of days ago, I tooted the horn of Life-Long Learning. One of the ways that I ensure myself sufficient fodder for learning is that I participate in numerous free online teaching sites. One of those sites is FutureLearn, and today, I began a free course there in fiction writing.

Blogging is easy for me, but for some reason, I simply have never understood how that I might turn my stories into fiction–how I could create a novel through them. Perhaps I’ll learn through this course. Perhaps I won’t learn how to write fiction, but because I participate in the course, I’ll grow.

You might like to check out the course, too. Next week, I’ll begin a course about film, through FutureLearn. I have already begun a course in animation there. All of the courses are free, and they are professionally done through British Universities.


A list of the FutureLearn courses and how to register Here:



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