Wishing You Peace On Earth and Honoring David Bowie

David Bowie died yesterday, January 10, 2016. He was only 69-years-old, but he had been battling cancer for 18 months.

Musically speaking, David Bowie rode on the coat-tails of the British Invasion, and he was also an actor. In his early years, he was considered as a bit edgy, but that was the late 1960s and the early 1970s–the music world wanted edginess.  David Bowie had enough magnitude and ingenuity to push artistic voice to a visionary extreme.

During the early 60s, music begged the people to Give Peace a Chance –David Bowie raised the bar higher; yet, in some ways, he called for the same thing. All artists are seeking a certain type of peace. Perhaps their message is not about the suspension of deploying troops to fight on foreign soil, but all artists call for peace–if nothing more than for peace within and for peace from the forces who would prefer that they as artists become more like the societal norm.

I love the following video, where we were allowed to see David Bowie in an unfamiliar light. In honor of David Bowie and also in honor of another musical great, Bing Crosby, I’d like to state the case again for striving toward Peace on Earth. This just seems like a decent way to lay David Bowie to rest–it seems like a good eulogy.


David Bowie’s final work Lazarus was released two days before he died and is considered to be his writing of his own epitaph.


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