The First Edition of Jacki Kellum Weekly Is Ready to Read – Blog to Magazine


If you have been following my posts, you may remember that my New Year’s Resolution is to post at least one blog article for each of 2016’s 365 days.


I decided to establish a few checks and balances for myself. Like the dieter who goes daily to be weighed, I set up a system in which I can routinely report and reveal whether or not I am sticking with my promise, and that system required that I create an online magazine: Jacki Kellum Weekly.

In order to establish an online magazine, I developed another blog site, and each weekend I will share a link to that site, which is arranged in the format of a magazine.


By merely glancing at the front page, you will see snippets of what I consider to be the Headlines from my week’s writings on my regular blog Juxtapositions. This particular’s magazine also contains portions of articles that I had written before this week, and I am sure that will often be the case.

Travel is the theme of my first ever edition of Jacki Kellum Weekly. I hope that you will travel over to my new magazine, and check things out Here.

Incidentally, while all of the rest of my blogs have been developed via, Jacki Kellum Weekly is developed via

Another of my commitments for 2016 is that of learning how to blog on both systems. I’ll keep you posted about what I discover.  You can read my initial comments about the two types of WordPress accounts Here. has a learning curve, and as soon as I myself am more comfortable with that type of blogging, I’ll create a Cliff’s Notes edition, to help facilitate other people as they create their own online magazines. That is another promise.



3 thoughts on “The First Edition of Jacki Kellum Weekly Is Ready to Read – Blog to Magazine

    1. That is funny. Just this week, I thought about the Weekly Reader, too. I think that is how I named my magazine. Thanks, Christopher, again and again. You may be my only weekly reader.

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      1. Somehow, I don’t think that will be the case. But I’ll read on, certainly. Yes, The Weekly Reader was fun. It’s pleasant that you have an homage here. Did you get the chance in school to buy from Scholastic Press? There was a newprint-type catalogue that was distributed. I think I remember it right. In grade school, I got books this way. The book I read about Christopher Columbus still comes to mind even these days. Thanks for all your work, Jacki!

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