On Silver Sheets, I Sail – Taking the Moment and Turning It Into Verse – Jacki Kellum Poetry


On Silver Sheets, I Sail
by Jacki Kellum

Just before I open my eyes
I float along the misty skies.

I reach, I feel the soft, white hair
and fairy wings that flutter there.

I listen, I hear the slumber song,
The angel band that plays along

My dreams are in my pillow-pail.
On silver sheets, I sail.

Copyright Jacki Kellum December 16, 2015


About Writing Poetry from the Present Tense

I wrote the above poem a couple of weeks ago. Because the WordPress Daily Prompt today is to write a post completely from the Present, I re-posted it.

When my more creative writing is at all decent, I write from the Present Point of View. I simply look around myself and look for something that catches my eye and tweaks at my heart; and I describe what I see and how I see it [which amounts to: How I Feel It.

I began writing again in October of 2015, and on several occasions, I did what I did in the above poem, I stopped, looked, listened, felt, and wrote–from the Present Point of View. Following are a few of those efforts:


Full, But Hazy Autumn Moon
by Jacki Kellum

Tonight, the moon is perched high in the sky, directly above the garden–just outside my back door.

Tonight, when I first got downstairs and looked out the sunroom window, my first thought was that it must be the moments just before dawn.

Everything around was fairly brightly lit and the plants that were still brave enough to have continued blooming, after the cool, October air had tucked their neighbors into bed, had a soft, muted, and faintly-colored glow.

Tonight, the moonlight is bright, but this is not one of those hot-light nights like the ones when I used to walk home from church, well after sunset, and the hum of the locusts was so loud that the air seemed to rattle along.

And tonight is not one of those nights when ladies in the church would beat around their faces with cardboard fans that had Jesus painted on them, flapping about their heads like hummingbird wings.

Yes, Lord, tonight’s moonlight is not like that when I used to go to the tent revivals with my grandmother and stand up and sit down, singing Shall We Gather at the River, when simple voices chimed beneath the bare light bulbs that had been strung across the top of the tent and dangled.

Tonight’s light is not like that of the summer nights when the neighborhood children and I would dart about the yard, playing tag and hide and seek,  running until the sweat could be wrung from our clothes. On those nights, nothing brought more relief than crescents of ice, cold watermelon; homemade ice cream; and tart lemonade poured from large, sweaty glass jars, into rainbow-colored glasses that clinked when they met my teeth. The glasses tasted like aluminum.

No, tonight there is no hot, blaring, bugle-like, jazz-singing summer moon.

Tonight, there is a soft and hazy autumn moon–a cornstarch moon–kissed by honey, hanging in the dark.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 28, 2015


Winter Light
by Jacki Kellum

The leaves have fallen from the trees,
The winter light peeks through.
Shadows from a warmer sun
Have sunk beneath the dew.

The Golden Goose hangs in the sky,
The other geese are gone.
There’s coldness all around me now;
The  summer veil is drawn.

©Jacki Kellum December 8, 2015


Sowing Sonnets
by Jacki Kellum

Word found,
Twist it round,
Listen for the fairy sound.

Feelings bound,
Thoughts profound,
Sowing seeds in sonnet ground.

Copyright Jacki Kellum December 7, 2015


My Window Seat
by Jacki Kellum

I have a special window spot.
It’s right beside my bed—
With velvet cushions for a seat,
And curtains overhead.

I love to watch the Moon and Stars;
I sit here late at night.
I love to watch the silent Snow,
That paints my window white.

I love to sit here when it rains.
To watch the water run.
I sit here ‘til the dripping stops,
And then I watch the Sun.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 13, 2015

The Long, Autumn Nap
by Jacki Kellum

I just took a nap for my mind, to see,
For flickering fae breath to come set me free.
Visions of sugarplums visited me
Singing a soft, silver song.

I’m in a place where I want to be,
Moonbeams and crystal shards light up the sea
Soft webs and angel hair strung from a flea
Toy-tug my leaf-boat along.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 11, 2015


Sun Dance and the Moon
by Jacki Kellum

Everyone’s eyes are on the Sun.
She has climbed to the top of the sky.
She raises her head and turns and cries,
“It’s time to say goodbye.”

She calls out to her Feathered Friends,
“Please lift your beaks and sing.”
And then she asks the Wind to sway;
She asks the trees to swing.

Last, she calls out to the Moon,
“I’m ready, my Mystical Sir.”
He bows to the music and winks at the stars,
And waltzes away with her.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 13, 2015


Early Autumn Night
by Jacki Kellum

Just a hint of summer now,
A lone and autumn call.

Soft and quiet, like silver thread,
Wings still whisper to my bed,

And one sole star hangs in the sky,
Goodnight, Goodbye, my sun.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 12, 2015


Eerie Autumn Art
by Jacki Kellum

The leaves are brightly painted,
For their dance across the sky.
The Hoot Owl hoots and hollers:
Something Spooky’s passing by.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 13, 2015


Deep Within the Pool, I See
by Jacki Kellum

Deep within the pool I see,
An outline view of me.

I smile.  The water thinks me glad.
I frown. It thinks me sad.
The water has no way to know
The kind of day I’ve had.

The water has no brain to think.
It has no heart to feel
It only views my outer shell.
It looks with eyes of steel.

How very like the water are
The people passing by.
They glance at me, They never see,
They never hear me cry.

Drop a pebble in the pool.
Watch the water spin.
Best to watch the water crack
Than love the shell within.

Copyright Jacki Kellum December 7, 2015


My Christmas Tree in My Picture Window
by Jacki Kellum

Cold, blurred colors are etched in front of me,
And my Christmas tree stands behind.
Otherwise, the room is dark.

I stand alone and blow against one of the panes.

A sheer, thick veil is stretched over the color,
And misty gray swallows red,
But it quickly begins to recede—just a bit.
With the palm of my hand, I wipe the gray-red film away,
And I move to another square—a blue–
And another—a gold–
And another—a green.

To see if my Christmas tree looks the same
From somewhere else,
I run outside.

Like toys in the window of the five and dime,
There are squares of colored glass in front of me,
And a kaleidoscope spreads across the snow.

Copyright Jacki Kellum October 14, 2015

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    1. Thank you very much. You have made my day today. You certainly must be a sensitive person, too. What are you doing in Chile?


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