Setting the Stage for 2016 – the Free WordPress Theme Twenty Sixteen


How to Switch to the Free WordPress Theme Twenty Sixteen


I am not sure when the trend began, but for at least the past six years, WordPress has launched a new free theme each year and has given the theme the name of the year of its launching. Twenty Sixteen is the new kid on the block, and I am trying that theme on a few of my blog sites.

I have always liked graphic designs that have a distinctive black and white flair, and with its broad black frame, Twenty Sixteen speaks to my propensity toward black and white. Oddly, I also like watercolor, which is anything but bold and black and white. At least for now, my main site Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions is using the free theme Sequential, which works well with the watercolor and shades of gray; but I have other sites–especially those that feature tutorials–where I use Twenty Sixteen.

I have created one blog site on which I have pledged to feature a different free WordPress theme every month, for 12 months. I think that it is only fitting to launch the new year 2016, with the free WordPress theme Twenty Sixteen. Join me as I change that site’s theme from Sequential to Twenty Sixteen:


If you already have a WordPress blog, you can change the theme by going to the top left and clicking on the tab My Sites

Then, click on Themes


Your current theme will be displayed in the top bar. Type Twenty Sixteen beside the magnifying glass, in the bottom bar. Then, click on the icon with Twenty Sixteen.  You will see the page below:


Click Try & Customize


First, I’ll Add My Header Image. Note: Almost every free WordPress theme requires a differently-sized Header Image. Twenty Sixteen needs a Header Image that is AT LEAST 100 pixels wide x 280 pixels tall. I had already prepared my Header Image and had stored it in My Pictures on my computer.  Click on Header Image


Because my image was saved the correct size, I could merely click Crop Image at the bottom right and move to the next step.


On the next screen, click Save & Activate.


You will see a dialog box that invites you to learn more about the features of Twenty Sixteen, or you may merely click Visit Site. 


From there, you can begin to Customize Twenty Sixteen.

Copyright Jacki Kellum December 31, 2015








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