My Friend, Who Has Nominated Me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, Asked to Know 7 Things About Me

1 The Sun needs to rise.png

From Waking Up the Sun, A Jacki Kellum Picture Book Manuscript

On a Gray and Rainy Day, A Fellow Blogger Has Sent Me a Bit of the Sun

Several times, I have tried to list the reasons that blogging is a good thing to do.  Allow me to add something else: Blog to find a person or two who is out there and who will “get” the things you write. For those of us who tend to be introspective and philosophical, not many fall into that group. Our childhood friends, our college friends, our facebook friends, and our neighbors fill aan important part of our lives, but they often simply do not think the way that we do. When that is case, we many need to search the world wide web to find an interested ear. When I began writing again [only 2 months ago], I had no idea that this time would be different.

When I began writing again [only 2 months ago], I bumped into a WordPress Friend, who does seem to understand what I try to say through my writing. He reads my posts; he comments on them, and he even nominates me for awards. That probably doesn’t sound too terribly important, but the older that I become and the more solitary my life is, it truly is important.

Today, Christopher Couch nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Blogger Award Here

Sunshine Blogger Award

Not long ago, Christopher nominated me for the Sunshine Award Here

A bit before that, Christopher nominated me for the Liebster Award Here

In October, when I jumped back into my blog writing, I undertook several mammoth tasks. I have not taken the time to extend to other people the kind of attention that Christopher has extended to me. I am not sure that I deserve his award nominations.

In order to fully earn my awards, I need to be a better WordPress Reader, and I need to pass my torches onward. Perhaps, that is a good New Year’s Resolution.

Today, I’ll try to accomplish one task that is necessary for earning my distinction. I’ll endeavor to name 7 things that other people might find interesting.

3 The Cow must be milked

From Waking Up the Sun, A Jacki Kellum Picture Book Manuscript
that I Need to Submit to a Publisher

Thirteen years ago, my house in Mississippi burned and I lost many things. At the time, I had begun writing and illustrating picture books. I lost all of my art and most of my writing in the fire. I need to get back to my goal of writing and illustrating for children.


Although I don’t do either regularly enough, I am both a writer and a painter.

I am the quintessential Romanticist Here 

In one of my master’s degree programs, I wrote my thesis about William Blake, who was an English Romanticist who both painted and wrote. For over half a century, Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience have been guiding lights for me. Like Blake, I admire the purity of the child’s imagination.

I have taught art for almost half a century. While teaching art in a Mississippi school, I was named National Teacher of the Year. I love the art of very young children Here

Although I have only recently moved to the East Coast and while I was a young child in the rural, cotton-growing region of Southeast Missouri, I lived most of my life in Mississippi. Here

Until two months ago, I never tried writing poetry. Now, I compare it to painting in watercolor. I love the way that when I write a good poem, I am able to capture, in an almost mystical way, the essence of living. Here







5 thoughts on “My Friend, Who Has Nominated Me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, Asked to Know 7 Things About Me

  1. I really enjoy the rendering of the moon. As your nominator, what can I say? Your thought and work are award-worthy, to say the least. I appreciate what I learn about you here. I wasn’t aware of your deep fondness for Blake. There was an academic fight to get his work placed at the start of the Romantic canon, and I still think he’s under-rated. Maybe because his work’s so mystic and visionary. Even though the British sing “Jerusalem” because of him. I didn’t know you taught art with children and for a while. That’s an amazing legacy. Thank you for responding to the nomination(s) with your art in images and text.


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