What My Stats Say about Me & My Blogs


I am not exactly sure why, but in spite of my having done several things wrong here, my main blog site [Juxtapositions] has relatively good Statistics. Tonight, I’ll pick my Statistics apart and share what I find.

I’ll also be picking apart the Stats of a site that I have almost completely ignored. In most cases, when you ignore a blog site, you get what you pay for: NOTHING. I do have an unattended blog site which defies that rule: It has excelled–even in my absence. There is only one reason for that site’s success: Content, Content, Content!

About two weeks ago, I received a message from WordPress, saying that the latter site’s statistics were soaring. I was surprised. I began thinking about how that could be and why. The why is fairly obvious. The latter site is nothing more than drawing tutorials. I created that site to help my art students find instruction about how to draw from nature. We were creating a Nature Drawing Journal in class. When the project was over, I moved on.

Only a few of the tutorials are original. From the beginning, my idea has been to create my own, original version of what I have offered on that blog, and my statistics there will tell me where to begin that. Ultimately, I want to publish a Nature Drawing Journal Workbook and sell that with an accompanying DVD. To do all that, I have my work cut out for me, and a close look at my statistics will help me prevent wasting my efforts on what people do not want.

The Two Sites that I’ll compare are Jacki Kellum: Juxtapositions [This Site]

and My Nature Book Here 


I launched Juxtaposition 2 and one-half years ago. As of today, this site has 310 Followers and has been viewed 34,987 times.

The numbers are deceiving. For almost a year, I nearly abandoned Juxtapositions, too.

The year 2014 was my biggest Blogging year to date. That is when I launched My Nature Book, and when I did the bulk of my posting on Juxtapositions- Below:



I began blogging on Juxtapositions again in October of 2015. Most of the 2015 Hits are recent. The following shows the Juxtapositions views by Months.


If a person had been posting extremely popular content before he quit posting, his blog might continue to reap a few rewards–to continue a type of “social” security payout; but in most cases, if one wants to be viewed, he must continue to post.

Riding on WordPress is very much like the little rides in front of the grocery store. As long as you keep paying the rides quarters, they will keep jiggling you along; but when the quarters stop, the ride stops as well.

As I said before, My Nature Book has performed differently. After having posted on that site very briefly, it was viewed over 17,000 times–in about a year.


I posted most of the content to My Nature Book for about 3 months, beginning January 2105. I posted a bit there during December of 2014


Following is an interesting glimpse. It shows that today, when I WAS actively posting to Juxtapositions, the site that I have decorated to the hilt and for two months have done everything right that I know to d0, I only had 53 Views.


Today, on My Nature, the Site that I totally ignore, I had 66 Views.


Look closely at the above 2 charts, however. You will see that although I only had 53 views on Juxtapositions, my posts were liked 8 times.

My Nature Book had 66 Views, but no posts were liked.

With this tidbit, we begin considering other things: Viewer Loyalty, Viewer Involvement, etc.

Consider the following: On Juxtapositions, the blog where I pour out the essence of my soul, I have 310 Followers. 151 are WordPress Bloggers Who Follow Me. 141 of the Followers are from Facebook, 15 are from Twitter [I have only shared to Twitter for about 1 month], and 3 are Email Followers.


On My Nature Book, the blog where I only have a few tutorials posted, I only have 17 Followers–Total! Hmmmmmm!

I have several pages showing what people viewed on My Nature Book in 2015. Following are the top views:


Since I have only been posting on Juxtapositions again for 2 months, the data for this site will be a little more difficult to read.

During the time that I was not posting on Juxtapositions, I created several additional blog sites to house Photoshop tutorials and tutorials for several different free image editors. I removed many of the photoshop tutorials that were on this site, but I became weary of that project and did not remove the Adobe Illustrator tutorials from here. It is interesting that I have not created Illustrator or Photoshop tutorials here for months–indeed, for a year. The Illustrator and Photoshop stats are residual views from the few months that I did post those tutorials here.

On the following chart, the Orange bar shows my more recent posts, the ones that I have written in the past 2 months.






This goes on and on for pages and shows that most of what I have posted during the past two months has been viewed 18 to 50 times. The exception has been some of the best of my Memoir posts. Facebook viewers viewed the early Memoir Posts the most.









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