Introducing Theme Thursdays – The Days Designated to Talking About a Free WordPress Theme


On Monday, I began outlining my blogging goals for 2016. One of those goals is to have several weekly features. One of those features is Theme Thursdays. It is not quite 2016, but I am moving forward with that plan today, as I begin to discuss the Free WordPress Theme Sequential.

Sequential is the theme that I am currently using for several of my WordPress blogs. It is the theme that I am using for this blog–Jacki Kellum: Juxtapositions.

I like Sequential’s Wide, Spacious Viewing Area.
In the image below, the left 2/3 is the viewing area and the right 1/3 is the widget sidebar. The widget area is set against a gray background.


In a later post, I’ll show how to create, post, and link Image Widgets in Sequential. I primarily use Image Widgets as a type of Menu, linking readers to my pertinent sites elsewhere. You could also use them as a menu linking to pages within the site. The Image Widgets could serve as advertisements or as a place for something that is merely decorative.

In the above image, the very top Image Widget is not linked. I felt as though something decorative needed to be placed above the Follow Blog Widget, and I made a little Image Widget to serve that purpose. It is not linked and does not take you anywhere. It is simply decoration that improves the graphic design of the upper widget area.

Image Widgets for Sequential can be 300 pixels wide. For other blog themes, the widgets might be much smaller and less showy or less easy to read.



Sequential’s Wide Screen provides an adequate reading area. Notice how, even when the text is long, there is ample room for the words to fit comfortably. This improves readability.


Sequential is a Responsive Theme. In my opinion, having a Responsive Theme is necessary. A Responsive Theme looks good on any viewing device. It auto-formats to work well on differently sized screens.


In seeking a new, free theme, I tried several formats. I decided that for my blog to work well, I need the following and Sequential provides:

  • I need a top menu area. Believe it or not, some themes do not have a top menu readily available.
  • I also wanted a sidebar, and that seems to be less available now, too.
  • I like the Header area on Sequential. I did add my own image, and I opted for the gray background and not the blue. The blue was the default background.
  • I need a Responsive theme that will adjust to fit the screens on which my blog is being viewed. I do not believe that I’ll ever use another theme that is not responsive. Unresponsive themes dissect your images and become impossible to read on cell phones.
  • Because I am a visual person and because my images are an essential part of the way that I make my blog posts appealing, I like for searchers to see the image, as they scroll through a line of posts.
  •  Before I found Sequential, I spent a day in Gateway’s camp. Gateway also has the wide, spacious, responsive format, but when you open a site in Gateway, you see no post images at all–you only see the titles of the blog posts. I am firmly convinced that the majority of readers scan sites via images, and when the images do not show, that potential is eliminated.
  • I like my text to be black and for it to be read on a white background. The text on Sequential is gray, but the situation is better than it was on Gateway, where the grayed text is displayed on a gray background. It was hardly readable.
  • This is really getting down to brass tacks, but I like that the Edit button on Sequential is at the top of the post and EASY for ME to find. I almost never found the Edit button on Gateway, and I hate to scroll to the bottom of the post, every time that I want to add a comma.

I have created 4 posts telling how to begin to launch a WordPress blog in Sequential.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog and Choose the Free Theme Sequential Here

How to Begin to Customize Sequential and How to Change a Free WordPress Blog’s Title Here

How to Change the Color Scheme of the Free WordPress Blog Theme Sequential Here

How to Add a Header to the Free WordPress Theme Sequential Here



Next week, on Theme Thursdays, I’ll provide you with more detailed information about setting up Sequential and about understanding its features.




Theme Thursdays is part of my 12-Month WordPress Pro resolution to introduce a different WordPress Theme each month, for 12 months. Theme Thursdays will be a weekly Preview of Coming Attractions for the theme I’ll showcase the following month on 12-Month WordPress Pr.



The theme for January 2016 is Sequential, and by January 1, I’ll have a full set of Sequential tutorials available on 12-Month WordPress Pro Here

In January, I’ll begin building another theme site for February. Again, I am trying to work one month ahead of a theme’s launch date.


Copyright Jacki Kellum December 10, 2015






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