Making My List and Checking It Twice – Setting Goals for 2016

darts-856367_1920This year, I’m trying something new. I will not wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to toss a few half-hearted resolutions together. Instead, my Old Year’s Resolution is to have a clear set of goals in place by New Year’s Day.


Memoir Mondays: 

Goal 1 – Complete My Personal Memoir During 2016 and Begin Submitting It To Publishers

I have made great strides in writing my personal memoir. In fact, I have written enough first drafts that it is time for the gut-wrenching, teeth-pulling process of revisions and final drafts.

I am an impulsive, spirit-driven person; and the revising stage of anything kills my joy. Unfortunately, that is an essential part of writing, or of completing any task. My most important and challenging goal will be that of devising a plan to force myself to attend to the business of finishing my memoir and getting it to a publisher. On Memoir Mondays, I plan to post a finished chapter of my memoir. As you will see below, I plan to focus on writing descriptive memoir passages on Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays will be the days that I’ll showcase finished memoir writing projects.

Tutorial Tuesdays: Goal 2

About a year ago, I launched a blog site to help my students find tutorials to help them draw and create a nature journal. After the class moved to something else, I quit posting to My Nature Book Here, but its continued success has been phenomenal. Without my even checking on that blog this year, that site has been viewed about 6,000 times. Imagine what might have happened, had I given the effort any attention at all. That site tells me that people are looking for drawing tutorials. Since I launched that site, I have learned how to draw my own content in Inkscape. My second goal for 2016 will be that of creating my own drawing tutorials and post one per week. Since the movie apparatus will still be out from Monday, I hope to broadcast the drawing tutorial live.

During 2016, I hope to get my Cre-8 TV YouTube Channel going again.  I’ll designate Tuesday as my day to blog at least one new tutorial per week–Later, I’ll convert these posts into YourTube Videos. I already have several tutorials on various blog sites. During the early part of 2016, I’ll bring some of those posts to my new site: Free Image Editors Here I am currently creating new tutorials, showing how to use the free vector drawing program Inkscape.


Check out my website

Website Wednesdays: Goal 3

As part of my effort to develop a sound professional platform, I opened a few actual websites in October. I do not find website work to be nearly as intuitive as blogging is. Yet, it is a task that I need to force myself to do. Hence, Wednesday will become my official day to do something significant on my actual websites.

During 2016, Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays will be dedicated to doing tasks that I do not consider to be fun–doing things that I consider to be work. Yet, work is probably what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

Theme Thursdays: Goal 4

Since October 1, 2015, I have toiled to make my blogging efforts more deliberate and organized. After several weeks of in-depth research, I chose an impressive, responsive theme for my main blog site. I am using Sequential and several things about Sequential work well for me–especially for my Juxtapositions Site, which tends to be a hodgepodge.

 Goal 4: Introduce a Different, Free WordPress Theme Each Month, for a Year. Designate Thursdays as the Day to Tend the 12-Month WordPress Challenge Site.


In seeking a blog site that works for me, I examined several of the Free themes and decided that other people might benefit from what I have learned about how different free themes work. My goal is to showcase one Free theme per month, for one full year. My hope is that within 12 months and the exploring of 12 themes, both my readers and I will become more astute at using WordPress.

I began my goal of sharing  a year of blogging themes before 2016.

In November of 2015, I featured the Free Theme Twenty Ten. Here

In December of 2015, I am parading two of WordPress’s Free Christmas-oriented themes


Cheer Here


Spirit Here.

In January, I’ll develop another Free theme. Visit the official 12-Month WordPress Pro Challenge Here From there, readers will be able to find the web address for each month’s theme.



Free Image Fridays: Goal 5

Because I am both a visual artist and a writer and because my mantra is:

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, 

I have launched blog sites whose purposes are to help other people understand the power of images in social media and to both offer readers free images for their sites and also to teach other people how to use free image-making computer programs and apps. On Fridays, I’ll post at least one significant, free image-making tutorial per week. No doubt, I’ll share more than one of these per week. Unlike movie making and website weeding, creating new computer images is fun for me.

Visit the Free Image Blog Site Here

Six-Word Saturdays and Sundays: Goal 6 


Goal 6: Develop a 36-Day Memoir Challenge that will Help Bloggers to Write Their Own Memoirs in a More Visual, Descriptive Way. Show Up on the 6-Word Site on Saturdays and Sundays–and Begin Pulling My Own Memoir Together. 

The 6-Word Memoir challenge is underway, too.  I am creating that challenge as a type of Monopoly game. I hope to have the exercises completely developed by February 1, 2016.

You can see what is happening with the 6-Mord Memoir Challenge Here

Goal 8 [for 2017] – Write a Book about Using the 6-Word Memoir Challenge to Write Memoir

One of the things that I need is more descriptive and lyrical writing for my own memoir, and my primary goal in creating the 6-Word Memoir Challenge was to force myself to attend to the describing part of completing my own memoir–one image at a time. Because I believe that this will be an effective way to face my own memoir project, I ultimately hope to write a book about the 6-Word Approach to Writing Memoir.

Goal 9 [for 2017] – Collate my Nature Drawing Tutorials into a Book about Creating Illustrated Nature and/or Garden Journals






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