What Does It Mean to Say that a WordPress Theme Is Responsive?


In very simple terms, a Responsive WordPress Theme is one that will look good on any screen where it is viewed. The above image is how the Free WordPress Sequential Theme displays on 3 different viewing screens.

After a painstaking search for the theme that would best serve my needs, I have elected to use Sequential for most of my blog sites.

I posted a brief review of the Free WordPress Theme Sequential Here

I recently tried several themes, and I was mortified at what happened to some of my images even on my 17-inch laptop. In the same way that your symptoms disappear when you go to see a physician, I looked for an example of that photo fiasco just now, and I could not find one.  Trust me. The unresponsive themes do wicked things to the content that you take great pains to post so that they look “right.” I took the time to look at some of my posts on a variety of different screens, and the results were shocking.

People who read my blogs know that my mantra is:

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, and when an unresponsive WordPress theme dissects one of my images, I am not happy. That does happen on the unresponsive themes.

I am in the process of reviewing all of the Free WordPress Responsive Themes Here

It will be a while before I have completed that research, but trust me again in saying that there are many, many Free Responsive WordPress themes. Why blog in any other way?


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