How to Find A New Free Theme for Your Free WordPress Blog – A Christmas WordPress Theme


It is Thanksgiving Day, and if I could have my wish, I would be with my family. I would be smelling the turkey that was already in the oven, beginning its slow-baking tradition of filling the house with the smell of Southern cornbread dressing, sage, sauteed onions & celery, and home. Although I am not at home and I am not with family, I will get to borrow another home and another family for a couple of hours today, but for now,

I have begun to find a Christmas-looking WordPress theme to explore for December, and I found it [Cheer – see example Here].

Allow me to show you how to explore the Free WordPress themes and ultimately find a host of different types of themes.


At the top left of your WordPress page, you will see the words “My Sites”


When you click on the words “My Sites,” a drop-down menu will unfold

theme-search-2b Select Themes


You will be taken to the above screen, and the following area is where you need to focus:


On the right side of the above area, click the drop-down area and select Free.


On the left side of the above area, type the word responsive.


This is a bit confusing. There is a theme that is named responsive, and if you know the title of a theme that you want, you can type it in the spot beside the magnifying glass.

In this case, I am not looking for the theme that is specifically named responsive, I am looking for all Free WordPress themes that behave responsively. I’ll tell you why you want a responsive theme later.

Learn What A Responsive Theme is Here

I have begun to catalog the responsive themes Here

About midway through my browsing the Free responsive themes, I found the one named Cheer.

Cheer is a precious and EASY to use WordPress Theme.


There is no need to select a Header for Cheer. It comes ready to go, with its Halls already Decked completely out.

I’ll also tell you more about the Cheer theme later.


I have launched a resolve to explore a free WordPress Theme each month and to share what I discover. Learn about the 12-Month WordPress Pro effort Here

During November of 2015, I explored the Twenty Ten Theme Here

Teach Your (Bloggers) Well







3 thoughts on “How to Find A New Free Theme for Your Free WordPress Blog – A Christmas WordPress Theme

  1. Thanks for that great lesson. I am a ‘rut’ person. ONce I find the “thing” that I like… I don’t like to make changes. It is strange that one of my stable standards for life is the appearance of my blog? Have a great holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. You also have a great holiday. Jump out of your rut. You may want to create another blog site to be your dummy. You can make it private and test all the different themes on that

      Liked by 1 person

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