Introducing the Free Vector Drawing Program Inkscape & Sharing 9 Tutorials How to Use It


Over and again, I have said: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words. 

Fortunately, we can often find the perfect free and copyright-free image online, and I’ll share more and more about that. Yet, sometimes, we need to create an original poster, or we need to create an original infographic with shapes, arrows, etc.  There are several free editors to help you do that quite easily, and I’ll also be sharing those. Inkscape is far more than one of those quick, little image editors and/or poster creators.  Inkscape is a full, Free Vector Drawing Program, that is quite similar to the commercial Adobe Illustrator, that is rather expensive.

I have a separate blog, where I am sharing an extensive bunch of Inkscape Tutorials. The Following 9 Tutorials Will Get You Started with Inkscape:

  1. Introducing Inkscape – Vectors vs. Bitmaps Here
  2. The Inkscape Workspace Here
  3. Draw Circles & Arcs – Intro to Color Palette & Gradients Here
  4. Create Linear Gradients Here
  5. Create Gradients with Multiple Colors Here
  6. More about Shading Objects with Color Gradients Here
  7. Adjusting Color Gradients to Work in an Overall Image Here
  8. Explaining Why Complementary Colors & Contrast Give Your Image Punch Here
  9. Reset Inkscape Default Here

Copyright Jacki Kellum November 22, 2015


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