Why Blog? Blog to Systematically File Your Ideas In A Place Where You Will Find Them Again


Libraries Do Not Suffer from a Shortage of Information–
They Suffer because Readers Do Not Know What Information Is There and How to Find It!

For Writers & Readers in the 21st Century, the Problem Is Compounded 

My blog and its categories provide me with a personal assistant who puts my thoughts in folders; and when I need to revisit one of my thoughts again, I can search myself and get straightened out once more.

As I previously said, storing documents only on your computers is risky. Here

Most writers today have documents all over the place. We jot valuable bits of information on Facebook; we tweet great ideas; we share videos, powerpoint presentations, email, etc. It becomes very simple for us to lose track of what we said where and to whom?

As I also said previously, your blog can serve as a hub. Here

If for no other reason than for filing purposes, I recommend that you blog everything first–and then send your blogs through your social networks.

I cannot speak for all blog sites, but WordPress has developed copious navigational resources. Bloggers can file their information in Categories, in Tags, in Archives, etc. Pages to house similar information can be created and placed in menus. Most WordPress themes also have sub-menu capability.

Finally, the WordPress Search feature is invaluable.

Having your information labelled and easy to navigate has other benefits, too. Google uses your labels and your navigation to showcase your thoughts to the public.


Read what I wrote about navigation and raising your SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Here



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