More Complicated Is Not Always Better


While speaking openly about simplicity, [after my previous post about simple Cottage Gardening Here], I want to make a plug for the Free WordPress Theme Twenty Ten. I do not use that theme for this site now, but some of my blogs do still use it.

I especially recommend Twenty Ten for new bloggers–people who are just dipping their blogging toes into the water. Although the theme is easy to use, it is reliable and serviceable.

Seconds ago, I spoke about one of my other successful blogs, Cottage Garden Living. That blog was in Twenty Ten forever, and I am probably taking it back there again.

I have another blog site that I set up in Twenty Ten and sort of forgot. The other day, I received a notice from WordPress that My Nature Book is doing particularly well. I have not blogged on that site for over a year, and its numbers continue to swell. It has reached over 16,000 views, and I only blogged there a few months. I set that site up to help my art students find nature drawing tutorials and to help them create a nature drawing journal.

My Nature Book Here 

It is interesting that I never saw the need to use any other than one of the theme’s default headers for My Nature Book. In fact, it is because of the Default Headers that I recommend Twenty Ten for new bloggers–and/or people who are not comfortable with using images online.


My Nature Book uses the 4th option, the Ferns, for its Header.


I am offering some tutorials for blogging in Twenty Ten Here

I am offering tutorials for Using Twenty Ten to Create a Thanksgiving-Looking Blog Here

The truly beautiful thing about using a Free WordPress Theme is that you can change one blog’s theme over and over–recreating a new look, as often as you like.










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