An Idea for Organizing Your Internet Sites – Create a Hub for Yourself


I have been blogging for 2.5 years now and my primary blog site Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions has been viewed almost 34,000 times. That excites me, but what is truly impressive is that Juxtapositions is only one of many of my blog sites. Over the past 2.5 years, I have disappeared from Juxtapositions for months at a time.  While it might appear that I am doing nothing online at those times, that would not be correct.

I thought that I would just take a second to put a few of my current favorite toys in one red wagon — and I have created a Hub for that wagon.  At the end of the post, I am sharing a wagon hub for you, too. Perhaps, you would also benefit from getting yourself better organized. The effort has certainly been worthwhile for me.


An interesting thing is that Juxtapositions [the center of this hub] is the only blog site that I have had for any time at all. The other sites on this Hub are brand new sites for me.

Pull up a chair; grab a cup of coffee, and I tell you a bit about each site — one sip at a time.


 12-Month WordPress Pro Here

As I mentioned before, I have been blogging on WordPress for 2.5 years. Before that, I blogged elsewhere. For many reasons, I prefer WordPress, but that is fodder for another post.

Over the course of the past 2.5 years, I have tried EVERY Free WordPress Theme. I have formed some definite opinions about what works for me and what does not.  Incidently, I am still not happy with the Juxtapositions Free Theme. It is carrying so much baggage now that I will probably buy Juxtapositions a commercial theme, but that is not at all necessary for most people.

As you might surmise, I have a wide variety of interests. Blogging is the tip of my iceberg–literally!

In order to blog about other of my interests, I have created blog sites for those interests [sites that are not mentioned on the Hub].

Like many American females, I have an interest in holidays. When I had children at home, I decorated for every season. Now, I decorate the Internet.

Through 12-Month WordPress Pro, I’ll show viewers how to change their blog sites every month and create an entirely new look for themselves.

Through 12-Month WordPress Pro, I am also attempting to show complete novices how to blog on WordPress–taking tings from the very easiest of themes–Twenty Ten–to more complex sites.

turkeywidget3 The Twenty Ten Thanksgiving Blog Site Here

I launched the first Twenty Ten Theme Today.  In addition to showing viewers how to create a blog, I am providing Free Quotes, Free Images, and Free Writing Prompts that are unique to Thanksgiving. I’ll add new data for about 7 days, and then I’ll begin building the next theme site for Christmas.


6wordmemoir3006-Word Memoir Challenge Here

I began adding posts to the 6-Word Memoir Challenge Today. That is a totally new site that will help writers see the world in a more visual way–and to write with more visual description.

I essentially have 3 masters’ degrees–one in writing, one in visual art, and one in information.  When I write, I LITERALLY close my eyes and see what I am writing–in my mind’s eye. My best creative writing is nothing more than describing what I am seeing.  The 6-Word Memoir Challenge will share that process.

The 6-Word Memoir Challenge is designed to last about 36 days, and I’ll add a new page of challenge material every day–or at least once a week–until that is Challenge Site is Complete.


love-pen-bed-drinking-300-memoir-button Memoir Site Here

I am Currently Writing My Own Memoir and Collating it with My 89-year-old Mother’s Memoir,
as well as that of my Great Aunt, who would be at least 125 years old now. I am privileged to have both my mother’s and my great aunt’s memoirs in writing.


vision-board-520757_jacki-poetry-300  Jacki Kellum Poetry Here


In addition, I am a painter.

I have numerous blog sites that house tutorials about various image editing programs–some programs are free.

oak-leaves-blue-clonestamp-300-free-photo-editor-text1 Photo Editor Blog Here

Today, I launched a site to teach a bit about several of the Free Photo Editors–specifically those that I will use and show others how to use to create images for 12-Month WordPress Pro and the 6-Word Memoir Challenge.

If you are thinking, “Wow! You Must be Busy,” you are correct. That is why I needed a Hub–to keep myself on track.

Now, that I have a wheel, I hope to circle around l it every day and post at least one thing to each of the places shown on my current Hub, which is posted at the top.

Here Is A Hub for You to Fill Out!




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