Why Blog? – Unlike Your Computers, A Reliable Blog Site Will Not Crash


Surely, It Has Happened to Everyone! You Work Months–Even Years on the Perfect Family Photo Album, Family Tree, Recipe Collection, Book, Collection of Poems and Quotes–and Your Computer Crashes!

Thre is nothing more frustrating than doing mounds of research and typing it into your computer–only to have your computer crash and burn. Family photos can be lost. Favorite recipes can be lost. Research papers can be lost. Poetry can be lost. Your memoir can be lost. Anything that you type into a Word document and store on your computer could be lost at any time. When you store data on the Internet, this does not happen. The Internet does not crash. When you get a new computer, your research is still there for you–it is there, where you left it–inside your blog.

Why Blog? Blog Because the Internet Does Not Crash! Blog It to Save It!

P.S. Someone raised the point that some blog sites are not reliable and might crash. This is true, and I intend to deal with this later. For now: Please do not use an unreliable blog site. WordPress offers a multitude of free blog site options. WordPress if reliable. WordPress dominates the blogging community. Use WordPress, and your blog site is safe. If there comes a time when that is not true, I venture to say that a failed Internet will be the least of the world’s problems.

Copyright Jacki Kellum November 15, 2015


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