Why Blog? – Blogging Is the Hub of Social Media & Communication in the 21st Century


Since the Dawn of Mankind, humans have found the need to communicate in a public way.




Different modes of communication have suited different periods of history.

The 21st Century is served by Social Media–which includes several different formats.

Blogging is at the center of the hub of social media.


Regardless of the other types of Social Media that we use, through WordPress Blogging and its system of Sharing, we are able to communicate through virtually every social media orifice–and to do so effortlessly. Over the next few days, I hope to convince you that Blogging is worth the effort for anyone in the 21st Century who hopes to communicate in more than a private way.

For the next few days, I’ll be sharing many reasons that everyone should blog, but central to the blogging argument is the fact that Blogging itself is the Hub of Social Media


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Copyright Jacki Kellum November 15, 2015


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