What Does It Mean to Be Ranked on Google Search? – Search Engline Optimization – SEO


If you want to perform a living test of whether or not Google knows who you are, do a Google Search about something that you have discussed in a blog. Do not attach your name to the Search. I did this a while back and only searched my name. Certainly, when I inserted my name to the search, Goggle’s bells chimed all sorts of bells about me and where I have said or done what online.

Also do not put the exact title of something that you have written in the search. That is cheating. Just vaguely reference something that you have also discussed.

Tonight, I was not even checking to see where or how I was doing with Google. This afternoon, I wrote a post about Carly Simon and the fact that she and James Taylor had been married and then divorced. It was about time to close shop for the night, and I wondered whether Carly Simon had remarried and if that marriage lasted. I was merely curious.


I merely typed, “Is Carly Simon married?” in the Search window, and I was ranked second in Google’s page rankings–I was ranked immediately below Wikipedia. I was actually surprised– pleased, but surprised.  Honestly, I am not doing all that I should do  to increase my SEO, it is merely happening.

When I first began blogging, I did work hard at creating good tags and categories for Google to find me. Now, I am very lackadaisical about all of that. I don’t even tag my images. I am busy writing now, and I simply do not want to fool with all of the publicity angles. As I said, I was surprised that I was catching Google’s eye

SEO results improve when you post often and when you post about material that is of interest to the public. One doesn’t actually raise his own SEO, one’s readers raise a person’s SEO for him–if a person is reaching his readers.


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